New Baby Papercutting

This weekend I had an order for a babycut picture. Well, I love doing baby things and so it was a pleasure to get my girlie out on a frou-frou feminine papercutting for a new little girl. The name was so pretty! I put it up on Etsy and as it was a bespoke order, it went straight away so no time to show it off. Blink and you’d miss it.

I’d assumed that the name ‘Aurelia’ was a reference to the dawn (being 4.15am GMT) but having Googled, Wikipedia gave this definition:

Aurelia (also spelled Aurélia or Aurelija) is a feminine given name from the Latin family name Aurelius, which was derived from aureus meaning “golden”. The name began from minor early saints but was given as a name due to its meaning, and not from where it originated.

Still, how beautiful is that? Golden child! I hope I did the child and her family justice with the cutting. The gap is obviously where the surname was. What do you think? Above is the design created in Illustrator and below is a photo of the actual cutting:


Valentine’s Day

How was your Valentine’s Day? Hope it was a happy one. We stayed in, out of the cold – freezing cold – and watched old favourite movies and cooked a nice meal up together for tea.  Not romantic in the conventional sense of the word especially without chocs and flowers. They’re not my thing.

Smiffs bought me some things that made my heart sing, though. A Janome Bias Binder foot and a set of Janome Pin Tuck feet. That’s a really exciting present. He bought me something he knew would thrill me. That’s romance in my book. And I have a cord feed throat plate  (sounds a bit ominous, a bit S & M, doesn’t it?!) coming as well. Be assured it is a perfectly innocuous bit of sewing kit. It allows a thin cord to be drawn across the throat plate to help the pin tuck feet create a more-defined tuck by stitching around the cord as it goes along.

A bit of a prawn

Found out that both the girls love prawns. Started with me giving them tidbits of some Tiger Prawns I had for tea one evening. They circled me like sharks till they got some. Since then, I’ve had to find cheapy ones so I can give them at least one daily treat of this fishy fetish they’ve developed.

Luckily Tesco sell bags of economy frozen ones. I pop some in a bowl, cover with cling film, give them 30s full power in the microwave, pat them dry-ish with kitchen roll and give them a little serving each on a saucer. It’s do this or lose a leg, I’m sure. These girls are Ninjas!

Jess is the more demanding of the two. You’d think she hadn’t been fed for a week the way she meows and cries for her prawns to cook. Out of earshot we sometimes call her our little prawn star. Lol. Well, rods and backs and all that. You know how the saying goes.

Well, time to get back to other demands and sign off for now. Happy Monday to you!

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