Ring Dings

Hello again.

Got a new android phone a week or so ago and, as usual, the ring dings were lame. Bleh. So, I have an Ipod and plenty of music. You can see where I’m going with this. Yes, copy and transfer music files from the Ipod to the phone. Should have been easy. Should have been a piece of cake. But it wasn’t. Itunes has a Vulcan death grip over the Ipod. It will not let you copy anything over to a different device. Full stop. Battled with it and lost every round – until… bwahaha.. I remembered Linux Mint.

I little while ago I downloaded and installed it (have dual boot on my system) and liked it very much. So, booted  in and used its default media player, Banshee, and it worked like magic! Drag and drop easy peasy – just what I wanted. So copied over a number of tracks for individualised ring tones for various callers  and edited a few others for notifications using Audacity (downloaded and installed but under Linux everything is pretty much freeware so no damage there). I was really impressed with the ease of both apps. But pay twice for the same tracks? Never.

Thankyou Linux.

Until I make a phone case I’m happy with, am using a sleeve from a felted jumper. The jumper was lovely until I washed it on one of the automatic wash settings without thinking and it shrunk and went hard. At least I get something back from the mishap. I cut off a cuff and a bit of sleeve, stitched it up the side and top and stitched down some felted flowers and beaded bobbles. Looks nice enough and cost next to nothing and is actually very effective for the job.

Back soon. Bye for now.


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