Easy sewing projects for Christmas gifts

I told you I was going to Ikea at the weekend. Well, it wasn’t brilliantly exciting but I did get some nice curtain fabric. See the white with blue  (beautiful inky/indigo colour blue) ? That. It’s not very heavy so bought some cheap curtain liner to go with it and made the apron. Popped a ruffle round the bottom and lined the whole thing. All very functional, practical and utilitarian. Good, worthy words but BORING! What would top if off and make it fun and make it sing? A chef’s hat, that’s what.

Not a lot of fabric, a bit of interfacing and a little bit of fiddly hand basting to catch the top inside the headband before taking it to the sewing machine but basically EASY! I made the apron hanging beside it as well from Ikea curtain material. Their prices are super cheap for 100% cotton and funky design work. I think the latest fabric cost €5 or maybe €6.00 a metre. Can’t remember as we bought a few other bits as well. I know it wasn’t expensive because I bought 5 metres. I want to have a go at making a Yukata, you see and didn’t want to buy dear fabric in case I don’t make a good job of it.

The apron and hat would make a lovely home-made gift for kids or adults, boys or girls, depending on the material used. I wish I had tackled it sooner and could have made a few for friends and family. I don’t have much time this week – off to the UK next week for a few days and then it’s back to get some more decorating done before Christmas. Didn’t mention it before, but we actually moved house last April and are still getting the house sorted out.

Anyway, will be writing up the notes on how to make them for myself and will post if you would like them, too, so let me know.

Later, taters!


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