Hearts for Christmas

Just 31 days left till Christmas! That came up fast. Must get some shopping done. I’ve been busy making all sorts of decorations and have loved my sewing machine a lot these last few months but haven’t bought the big ticket stuff yet. Will have to get a move on.

I’ve been making more hearts like they were going out of style!  The ones in the picture have letters appliqued on. To make your own:


1. Print out words or intials onto thickish paper (I used 160gsm), or maybe you could print dirctly onto fabric fusible paper?

2. Trace around the outlines onto fusible paper.

3. Iron onto the back of the fabric of your choice (remember to think about which will be right way round when it comes to how the letters display when you’re sewing everything on the right side.

4. Cut round the letterform on the fabric-fused fabric.

5. Peel the backing paper off and position onto the right-side of your fabric.

6. Cover with a just-damp, thin cloth and hot-iron into place.

7. You can leave it at that or stitch around the edges of the letter if you wish.

There! Done!



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