Something’s Afoot

What’s a foot? Well. I could say twelve inches. I could say it’s the thing on the end of each of your legs. Those things with little sausages on the end that God invented so we could buy shoes. Or I could say plans and projects but that would be dull. How about a plot? That’s a plan with sinister dimensions!  Or I could say a six-foot deep hole.  But it would be none of these. It’s a Cording Foot.

I have a Janome sewing machine which came with a one of them. It’s easy to use but you have to play with scraps of fabric to get the width settings right to trap the cord (s) to be stitched. Mine will cord one, two or three lengths of cord simultaneously and for the three I use a Multiple Zip-Zag stitch (Otherwise just a single zig-zag) If you look at the little panels below each window you’ll see a short length of cord stitched down with a tiny zig-zag. Cording finishes off the appliquéd house I made with a perfect rustic charm.

I’ll happily share the appliqué template if you want it, just drop me a line and I’ll e-mail to you.

A quick pic of one of my Annie Bonnet tea pot cosies with the ‘teabag’ and a pom-pom trim around the ruffle modelled on my favourite pillar-box red teapot.

Now off to buy some A3 paper and a few metres of Bondaweb – I’m nearly out of it!

Toodle Pip

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