Ribbon angel

Hello there mateys!

Well, all is still , all is bright…. but did you know there are only 39 days to Christmas? Will soon need to start looking lively!

The Christmas cakes are doing nicely with their weekly tipple of brandy so they’re ready to get marzipanned by the end of November/beginning of December.

Have made more Advent Jubblies than I can shake a stick at so they’re all ready.

One of the two big ticket items for Mr. Singingtree’s Christmas is bought and tucked away and am planning on ordering the other from Amazon next week to avoid the Christmas crush. His stuff is nearly ready.

Am going into Dub next week or the week after on a mission to get EVERYTHING (bar the food). It’s a tall order, but if I can do that, I won’t have to go back until well into the New Year. That way I’ll avoid the armies of  pointy-elbows tactically deployed, ie, rib-jabbing, by sale hunters in a frenzy for half-priced hair sprays and suede slippers.

I have also been sorting through the boxes of craft stuff I have – and am using it up. No more keeping anything for best or some special occasion (strangely, nothing ever seemed special enough!). To be honest, I have stuff I’d forgotten completely. Well, no more. I know now there are things that I covet in a hoardy, gloaty,  troll-and-treasure  feast-my-eyes and count my gold kind of way. Really unhealthy.

About this time last year we had a couple of car boot sales to get rid of rubber stamps (bags of them), stickers, cards, embossing boards (remember the Bookatrix  and the other boards that followed?  Them!, Some cutting thing where the blade was in a round mount and you followed a cut out stencil… can’t remember the name but there were sets of stencils (and, of course, I had lots of them)…. light boxes…… crayons…. glitter gel pens – sold them in 10s for a euro!…. punches…. peel offs…. scoring boards…. craft mags (they cost about 6 euro each here – was selling 10 for 5 euro) the paraphernalia of the more-money-than-sense crafter.

I still have much more than I will use so am going to try to fit in a car boot or two this year as well. I actually feel a bit disgusted with myself that I have bought so much and not used it. Such a senseless waste.

Take the craft magazines, for example. Full of adverts and step-by-step-make-things-with-new-products articles. I buy them to read on the train when I come back from Dublin (can’t buy them locally) and am generally disappointed in the content. Yet, I could go online, browse around and find pretty much the same content without the ads and product promotions. I’m looking for inspiration not more junk.

I have been much better this whole past year though and no longer impulse buy. I tell myself I’ll get it next time I’m in Dublin and when that times comes round I’ve usually forgotten what it was so couldn’t have wanted it that much in the first place. It really works for me.

Maybe there’s a twelve-step programme out there for craft junkies like me!

Anyhow, I came across a lovely little video tutorial on Happybirdscraftinghaven.com – search for her sparkly ribbon angel ornament tutorial. Takes just a few minutes to make and costs next to nothing – a couple of short bits of wired ribbon and a bead, mainly. I bet you’ve got more than enough in your ribbon stash to make a mountain of these angels. Go on, use it up!

Here’s mine:

Do have a go and also check out the Happy Birds site – she has lots of lovely, inexpensive crafting ideas.  Just sweet, neat and clever.

Hel x



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