St Brigid

A friend of mine makes crosses for the feast of St Brigid, the female patron saint of Ireland. Normally she makes them for  St Brigid’s Day on February 1st, but she was asked to make another for a special mass this weekend called ‘ The Gathering’ that’s being held for family members living or working abroad.

Anyway, she knocked my door and asked me round to see if I’d like to watch her make this traditional craft with rushes. Of course I wanted to watch. And get a cup of tea but that goes without saying!  She made two, one for the church and one for me. A cross, not a cup of tea, you understand! Now, I’m not religious but the cross is beautiful and I accept it in the spirit of friendship and good heart. She made over a thousand of these a year or so ago to raise money for the street kids in Brazil so she’s talented, generous and very caring.

The story of St Brigid, be it true or myth, is an interesting one – have a read for yourself: story of st brigid. The cross is said to ward off evil and protect a home from fire so it shall be given a special place in my home.

I also followed a quick tutorial posted on ‘Confessions of a Plate Addict’ – Aged Paper Candle Wraps :

I am going to try it again with less strong coffee. They look ok but not as nicely tinged as hers. Mind look very heavy on the coffee – and smell like it! Nice effect though.

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