Free retro tableware Photoshop & PSE (.abr) brushes



Saw these retro designs on a site called No Pattern Required but they were spoiled by black marks throughout them. They were being offered as a freebie and I downloaded them to embroider some napkins. But, I think you’ll agree, they’re very sweet and deserving of a new lease of life so I cleaned them up and converted them into Photoshop/PSE brushes.
They’re full of personality and fun. Hope you enjoy.

Free Tableware PSE/PE brushes

FREE PS /  PSE Tableware brushes (.ABR)



Christmas lights with free PS/PSE brush

Thought I’d show you the lantern now that the pillar candle has gone down a lot and lights up the globe better. There’s something so very relaxing and mesmerising about candle light. I enjoy curling up on the sofa with a hot drink  when I get in from the cold of an evening. It gives me some quiet time to reflect and decompress. I am reading a lot of Louise Hay, Florence Schinn and John Kehoe at the moment and this is a good time for following their advice and weeding out stray thoughts of negativity and replacing them with strong, healthy thoughts of  growth and positivity.

I went to the Citywest Convention Centre for the festival of Diwali, or Festival of Lights a little while ago. It’s a tremendously beautiful occasion celebrating the triumph of good over evil, the joy of life, light over darkness, and enlightenment, that is,  knowledge, over ignorance.  It was a glorious and uplifting event. This is my personal Diwali but on a MUCH smaller scale!

This week we see the passing of that eccentric old astronomer, Patrick Moore. My son developed an interest in astronomy thanks this this chap’s lifelong passion and his programme, The Sky at Night. And I’ve bought a telescope or two…

A great sadness in his life was that his fiance was killed during a bombing raid over England during WWII. He never got over her death and never married or had a romantic interest in anyone after she was killed. He NEVER forgave the Germans. That kind of bitterness is nothing but poison. You cannot drink from a poisoned chalice and expect it to injure anybody but yourself.

Still, crusty old so-and-so that he was, his mind was sharp and brilliant and he illuminated the minds of many more with his passion for the stars and planets. And, in my romantic notions, I hope he and his wartime sweetheart are together now. May old bitterness and blames be forgiven.

And today I read that Ravi Shankar has passed also. I have a CD of sitar music by Ravi Shanker that is truly lovely to have wafting around my home. And I didn’t guess for one second that Norah Jones is his daughter! I have a CD of hers also!

But so Atropos cuts the thread of life and hopefully releases our energies to an infinite life of joy. Bless them both, bless all.

Anyway, I must get on. Thought you might like a little freebie – a Photoshop ABR (PSE) brush to ‘stamp’ your winter projects with:

Click here for your free PS/PSE brush:

Winter wishes free Photoshop / PSE brush


Robocop – robot sheriff

Here’s my latest robot. Obviously law enforcement and judging by the star, I’d say a sheriff.  I wouldn’t want to risk a fork in the capacitors from this guy! Wonder where he’ll pop up next (apart from having already been converted into an ABR) ! Well, you should see by the end of the week! He was designed in Illustrator then taken into PS so I could turn him into a brush (ABR).  What’s that? Freeze and drop the cream cake??!!  Uhhh OK!

Advent calendar Photoshop / PSE number brushes

I HAVE been busy! It’s been so hard stifling the excitement of Christmas but now we’re into November, I can start giving in and enjoying it! I’ve made a couple of sets of Advent calendars modelled on the Calypso ice lolly carton  (or the sour cream container, I think, in the US). I like that they’re so easy to do – mine are made with rectangles of paper 105 mm x 155 mm rolled and glued down into long cylinders.They were flattened and glued at one end then crimped, filled with sweets and chocolates. Then they were turned 90 degrees and had their other end glued and crimped.

After crimping, I also used pinking shears (though other decorative scissors would be lovely) to give the ends a zilly-dilly zig-zag edging.

Each one has a ‘fortune’ inside, just like a fortune cookie except mine are taken from famous quotations. Oh – and each one has a solid chocolate Father Christmas inside (nearly typed that as ‘Fr Christmas’ – can tell I’m in Ireland!).

I designed the numbers in Illustrator and printed them onto Safmat and cut the square scallops they’re mounted on with my Crafty Rob. I stuck the Safmat numbers on each of the scallops and then stuck them onto each carton with a fat dimensional.

The Silent Setter came out of retirement to neatly set a hole at the peak of each one to thread some cord through so there would be something to tie and hang them up with.

I made these a little differently. I scanned in the beauuuutiful image from a Christmas carrier bag I had from many years ago and converted it into a Photoshop brush. I converted the numbers, also created in Illustrator, into brushes as well and printed the whole thing off then made the cartons up.  I added a row of tiny pearls (bought on a string from a haberdashers) and a sprinkle of white sugary glitter. This set has a liqueur barrel inside each one – and the person who will get this set will enjoy them very much!

Here they are! I am on the look out for a nice ornament tree or photograph tree to dangle my advent set from but haven’t found any in the shops. Have seen some on-line but would have to take out a bank loan for the shipping! In the meantime, I gathered some twiggy branches, sprayed them with a glossy varnish with a silver sparkle and lit them up with a cheap battery-operated set of LEDs.


The number set is very handy to have  – there are two, in fact. Did a round set (harder to cut out by hand!)  and another, centred in a square. The outer line of the square is my guide to cut just inside. I made sure to align the rows and columns up so that cutting is easier as you can cut a number of lines at a time.

They are available to download, in one package for 5.00 Euro.  Please note that the image on the white cartons is not for sale.

The package includes:

  • A PDF of the two sets of numbers (see the picture above)
  • An SVG and GSD cutting file of the square scallop to mount the numbers on
  • A Photoshop brush of the squared number set
  • A Photoshop brush set of the numbers  in a circle

Download here:
Advent calendar number set (€ [price])

Payment is made via Paypal. Currency conversion is through Paypal.

Your electronic files will be sent to your e-mail address when payment is received.

Thank you for looking



Free 2012 Photoshop / PSE Calendar Brushes

It’s pouring down here. I know this is Ireland but real paddy fields belong in the far east.  Roads are flooded. Visibility is very poor and it sounds like a team of carpenters are hammering on the roof.  A very unpleasant day. Damp, dark and dismally chilly.

“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby”.
Langston Hughes


I noticed the words ‘With extracts of 100% natural origin’ on the hand soap I keep in the bathroom. It made me think. WTH does that mean? Does it mean that the best part of the soap is man-made, ie, synthetically manufactured in a lab somewhere with chemical compounds?  Is there a range of ‘natural’? And why is something designated as natural somehow perceived as being beneficial or better for you than something manufactured from synthesised ingredients and chemicals? For example, there is cyanide in apple pips. Deadly nightshade – belladonna – grows wild, is natural but isn’t safe to eat. Fly agaric and other fungi….. you get the picture. Natural does not automatically confer a ‘goodness’ to a product. I think they’re using honest-to goodness manure in their marketing.  The phrase is totally meaningless and dreamed up by some ‘clever’ marketing person who thinks we’re a bit hard of thinking and can fool us all.

Well, the Presidential election takes place this Thursday – at long last. It seems to have gone on forever. Poor Dana is bottom of the polls but is soldiering on though I think she let all the air out of her campaign with that mysterious tyre blow-out story. She’s had her tyres forensically examined for any evidence of  sabotage, but there was nothing to give the media anything to write home about. Certainly nothing to blow out of proportion and overshadow the Danagate sex scandal.

And talking of bad-mouthing… There’s an ad on the tele – a supermarket chain in the UK is offering life cover to the over 50s… a woman (done up (down?)  to look like Wendolene from Wallace and Gromit)  is pushing her trolley around the said supermarket (clue: anagram of SADA)  and chatting happily about the benefits…la la la… don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the inside of her mouth looks black! Like she’s been stuffing liquorice allsorts. Very strange.

Anyhow, have posted three different font sets of 2012 calendar brushes for you. All high res and can be used with PS, PSE and possibly other packages.  They’ll give you a chance to make little Christmas giveaways of calendars quickly and easily. You can dress them up with pretty swirly brushes and stamps to make your gifts extra special.

Download here – they’re free – just register to download:

2012 Calendar Brushes

I hope they’re useful to you.

Bye for now, Hel x


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