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Woodland Pergola – now for sale on Etsy

Labours of love. Ah. Where would we be without some passion in our soul? Making this woodland pergola had my soul dancing, I’m telling you. It was hard work with lots of intense focus but I loved it. It will be tweaked because some of the cuts are so fine and flimsy they demand more care and caution than a clumsy mumsie like me can always give.

As first cuts go, though, I’m fairly (very!) happy with this. I designed it in Illustrator and cut with machine. The slots that connect the structure together need to be fairly closely aligned and quite slim and I didn’t trust my skills with the scalpel to do it all by hand.

It has foxes, hedgehogs, rabbits, flowers, leaves and stars topped off with tiny little acorns and leaves at the top. And all put together in layers to form a lattice, slice-form structure. Up against the light you can see details clearly. It’s not so easy to see them when it’s not in direct light, though, so will be cutting the next one with contrasting papers.

This one shows the hedgehogs a little clearer.

I like the ways the foxes have come out, tail-to-tail looking back at one another.

See what I mean about some of the cuts being to fine? That’s a 1C coin being held next to the acorns to give you a better scale of it.

And, being a slice-form, it folds flat!

*** All tweaks accomplished. One thing I did change was to make the acorns on top far more of a solid to give them more strength and also, they actually look prettier for it.  Now for sale on Etsy: Woodland Pergola

Thank you for looking. Hope you like it.

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Butterflies all around

***Updated May 17th Never chuck baby out with the bath water. Here is the original file in a circle with the lower butterflies resited. Simple matter of unlinking the weld nodes, moving the butterflies down to align with the bottom of the card and rewelding. Also added in a couple more flowery shaped curly wurly shapes that suit it nicely. Made it with the CR this time as I wanted stiffer card to cut it from and need the Detail Blade Holder for the Cougar so will have to get that ordered!  *******

For sale in SVG, GSD and Studio formats at €5.00 euro. Payment is via Paypal which will perform all currency conversion for you. When your payment is received you will be notified by email that the file can be downloaded – simply go to the Singing Tree home page and click on the ‘Files You Have Ordered’ link on the right-hand side.

Please note you will need a Craft Robo, Black Cat cutter, Silhouette, Wishblade, Cameo, etc to be able to open and use the template.

X-form butterfly circle card SVG, GSD and Studio (€ [price])


It turned out I was feeling a bit of  misery guts having said goodbye to my visitors. They came back from Belfast on the Sunday and went home Monday afternoon. After nearly a whole month of ‘residents’ the house seemed gloomy and empty to come back to. Not exactly Nosferatu gloomy – dark shadows stretching up the stairwell with hands outstretched and claws ready to rip out my heart – but not far off (only joking – I’m NEVER that dark and miserable!). Ner, a feeling more akin to damp wellies, if you know what I mean. And this despite Mr Tree who is always very up  – like his blood group he’s always B positive – being his usual jokey self and making me laugh!

But a new friend called round full of life and energy, all funny and bright, and invited me  to meet her chickens next week! That is just Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I have a special love spot in my heart for chickens – and their smell! Like newborn puppy breath, there is nothing like it and it is just lovely. Don’t know if I’ll get a cup of tea at the kitchen table or will sit in the chookie house with the girls but we’ll see. Ha ha.

So, happier having had a laugh with art-lady friend and her very sweet daughter,  I was mojoed up to tackle an X-form butterfly card. It folds flat but needs to be primped and teased out when opened to spread the butterfly wings (lots of them – see the pic:  half-butterflies are welded on and then topped with whole ones to oomph up the glamour) and make it look pretty. A couple of mods and I’ll be posting it for sale probably tomorrow evening.

In the meantime, am posting a Photoshop brush I made called ‘Chicken Scratch’. You can use it with PSE as well as PS. I’ll make it available to download for free if I get five comments (all cleaned up and free of copyright, etc!):

Have fun now and speak laters!


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Holy Communion / Confirmation gift box


It’s that beautiful time of year when lots of little boys and girls make their first Holy Communion. Traditional gifts have always been prayer books, missals, holy medals and rosary beads. I remember that my favourite and most treasured gift of my first Holy Communion was a set of crystal rosary beads. They glinted and shone with all the colours of the rainbow. My hair was set in ringlets and I had sparkly hair clips under my veil. I wore brand new, pure white sandals and socks and, the most beautiful rustly, satin with lace, white-as-snow frock. Oh, how I felt like a princess and I practiced looking holy for weeks!

I’ve made this little gift box in a pretty dress front and back to commerate the special day and is just perfect for a set of rosary beads to be popped into the box compartment. It would be just as lovely and useful for Confirmations or bridesmaid gifts and lots of other occasions as well. It has pretty pockets, collar and sweet cut-out details on the cuffs and what little girl wouldn’t be delighted to receive it?

You can buy it here in GSD, SVG and Studio formats for €4.50 euro. Payment is via Paypal which will do any currency conversion for you. When the payment is received you can download the template by clicking on the ‘Files you have ordered’ link on the right-hand side of the home page.

*** Many apologies: There is a problem with the Download Manager. In the meantime, the file will be sent to the e-mail address attached to the Paypal account I receive the payment from. If that account is not your own, please ask the account holder to request the file is sent directly to your e-mail or ask them to send the file to you when they receive it. Apologies for any inconvenience. Helen ***

Please note: You will need a Cameo, craft Robo, Silhouette, Wishblade, Black Cat Cutter or other compatible cutting machine to open and cut the template.

PS: This is the second file I’ve cut with my new Cougar (called Sammo after Jackie Chan’s sidekick / director – he’s big and powerful but moves with the grace, litheness and langour of a sleepy cat – but don’t be fooled – he can strike with the speed of a cobra when he wants to).

Thank you for looking

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Baby booful bootees keepsake

Helloooo! How are you this wonderful day? We’ve had some really GRIM weather lately. Cold and very, very wet! Just when we thought we could turn the heating off, we had to put it back on again. Still, the sun has broken out today – just – and it’s brightening everything up. It reminds me of a round of ‘I’m sorry I haven’t a clue’ – the Humphrey years and the saying ‘Every shroud has a silver lining’.

This seems to hold true if you ever watch those forensic detective-type programmes. Seems like too many lives are lost by loved ones tripping and stumbling over large life insurance policy documents and setting off guns and such like…Still, enough of that morbid stuff.

Today I am showcasing my latest baby bootees and presentation box, perfect as a keepsake gift to welcome a new baby into a family.

The template includes:
The bootees – lots of pretty cut-out details from flowers to hearts and diamond lattice work
A presentation box with a beautiful frame around the aperture (use acetate here to make a window for the box)
An inner frame to enhance the box base
Side panels with flower borders
A smaller and larger aperture frame for you to choose from (cut in contrasting paper to show the frame off and reinforce the aperture at the same time). They also hide the glue used to stick down the acetate window for the aperture.
A tag for you to write your sentiment

The slideshow will show you the individual elements more clearly:

It’s for sale and costs €11 in SVG format.

Please note, you will need a cutting machine such as a Craft Robo, Silhouette, Cameo, etc to cut the template.

Thank you for looking


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Goody two shoes favour template

A quickie and a goodie two shoes for you!  A 3D cutting file (SVG or GSD) that I will give away as a free download  if I get 5 comments (or more  – haaarrrr… manic laughter!!!!). Perfect for little bags of sweeties or other favours for little (and no so little) girl parties. I think they’re sweet  but if I get no comments I’ll reconcile myself to being alone in that opinion.

Thank YOU! Five is the magic number so here you go:

No Longer Available

Have a great evening!


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