Tealight house with gabled and flat roof

Here’s a tealight house (sideview) made some time ago but never posted until today. Am thinking ahead for Christmas already, mainly because I want to get The Cake made and put away to mature with regular glugs of brandy or other spirit. And that the summer solstice has just passed. We’re now starting the run down to the winter one and with each successive day, the hours of light get shorter and shorter. It made me think of the paper tealight village and how truly lovely tealights are, glimmering, flickering and glowing in the gloom.

I might remake the actual model and do a better job of using contrasting papers for the frames and the main bits of the house. Still, you can see the shape and the numerous little cuts to let light shine out prettily on a dark evening (battery-operated tealights only though!).

It’s made chunkier than I normally like but I know some people like their kiddos to help make them and they prefer things a little bigger for small fingers.

It’s easy to make, no tricky folds or difficult apertures to slot together.

A front view …

A view of the roof showing the ‘scallops’ opened out (can’t see it very well on the right but they have the scallops, too).

The SVG file for the model is on sale at €4.00.

Gable_Flat Tealight House (June 2013) : Flat_Gable Tealight house SVG (€ [price])

You will need a cutting machine that can use the SVG format, eg,  Silhouette, Cameo, Black Cat Cougar, etc, to make use of the file. Your template will be sent to the e-mail address of the PayPal account holder responsible for making the payment unless otherwise directed.

Thank You for looking.


Sweet little house on the prairie

A magazine I bought recently included a picture of a box similar to the one above but with no template or instructions. It is basically a box with a rooftop lid and easy-osey to do. You can make it as plain or as fancy as you like but it’s sweet, neat and just right for a treat! It’s one the kiddos and tiddly-winks can have fun helping to decorate as well. A family home, ha ha! In addition to the SVG and GSD templates there is a PDF with the assembly instructions.

Price in euro:

Rooftop Box SVG (€ [price])

Rooftop Box GSD (€ [price])

Many thanks to Coy Dreamer for the floral brushes and Neonescence and Seiyastock for the ABR sparkles and spangles.


House shaped!

Happiness IS house shaped. I’m getting into spring colours now and loving the sunshine yellows and vibrant greens that are emerging.  I’m busier than a one legged man in an ar*e kicking competition (love that quote – Dolly Parton – Straight Talk)  at the moment but it’s all good. Except for a pile of ironing that now qualifies as a geographical landmark. That’s not good but I’m doing my best to ignore it. I’ve identified this ability to ignore unpleasantries like it as a strength.  I know it’s a strength because I can happily ignore other pressing (no pun intended) domestic issues of the mop, vac and duster types which means it’s a portable skill and is generalisable across many areas. This mastery has been achieved with very little effort so I’m obviously a natural. My CV will be updated shortly with more details.

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