Chickie Chic

Taking liberties with how Chic is pronounced to give this post a decent looking title so go with it please!

I’ve been spring cleaning with my steamer to  get things freshened up. It’s great but a bit on the heavy side so my partner was very good and helped. The steamer is one of those with a cross-the-body carry strap and looks a bit like something from Ghostbusters and doesn’t look too effeminate like a pink pinnie with ruffles on, for example – the devil would be performing Bolero with Torvill and Dean before he’d wear something like that.

Sadly, he knocked one of my paper houses down and squashed it! What did I do?  I phoned the Jeremy Kyle show to see if we could get on with  ‘My husband was steaming and smashed the house up’. Harr.

I updated a few old CS3 files to CS5 this weekend including the shoes and bag in the picture above. I’d forgotten how much I liked these – the shoes were made from a template by Pam Curtis back in 2006. Hers were in pdf format and I made my own in Illustrator so that I could have an ai. file to cut from. The bag is my own design and was made so that a pair of shoes would fit inside the bag perfectly. When the bag and shoes are blinged up they make great favours for hen nights or birthday parties. I did the one in the picture as a print and cut because I fancied having some text (lyrics from Little Green Bag) as part of the pattern.

Not sure if my birdie is just off for the weekend or away for the summer but she’s got new shoes and a bag of glory to fly away with.

Inside the bag:

Many thanks to Yasny Chan for the floral brushes.

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