Map Art to a 3D Object in Illustrator

Today I wrote a tutorial on how to create a 3D object in Illustrator and map some art work onto it to produce a sliced orb effect. It’s pretty nifty and easy to do. If you’d like to have a go, the tutorial is here:

Map Art to a 3D Object

The one is the image above was made slightly differently to the one in the tutorial – I created about 15 rectangles, increased the Shear value to 20º and drew a wrapping rectangle that  caught the top of the sheared rectangles on the right and took it down so that it ‘trapped’ whole rectangles instead of catching chopped off ends.

It rendered better. The principles are the same so please don’t be deterred.

Went for a nice drive to Newry at the weekend.  Takes me about an hour and a half with two tolls each way. Probably costs in the region of €20 all told. It’s worth it for some lovely views and driving over the Boyne bridge. And it’s also worth it because I do the best part of my monthly shop there. Newry is just over the border so is in the UK where it’s cheaper to shop even when the bank converts the cost to euro.

I buy a month’s worth of cat food, cat biscuits and little fishy stick things – that alone saves me just over €20. I buy lots of other household foods and things that I’d buy in the ROI anyway then go off round the big stores for clothes and shoes and the usual temptations.

Well, actually, I do it the other way round because I buy frozen foods from Sainsburys as well, including their fabulous and  gorgeous Quinoa burgers. They are delicious! Tasty and totally scrummy. They also had a new shape of Sainsbury’s own ‘Weetabix’ -round ones! Very cool – see the picture. Had to buy them. And Sainsbury stocks Billingtons Molasses Sugar! I could go on and on… red onion marmalade (chutney), foil lined with parchment, faggots, pork pies… glory fest. Am gloaty head just thinking about it all.

It may sound a bit extravagant but when I shop in Dublin petrol costs about €10. Parking – Jervis Centre – is €6 for 2 hours but as I generally stay longer than that the parking goes to €12, but is then for the day.

Anyway, nearly time for tea and that kitchen has some ciabatta packaging and a few other wrappings enlivening a dull worktop that needs seeing to.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial.

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