Canned Heat!

I dusted down an old favourite and blinged it up. It’s definitely not Christmassy so what possessed me, I do not know.

It’s my old mate the watering can. I created it in 2008? Maybe earlier – I’d have to check the date on the original file. I saw it recently in the Do Crafts magazine – not credited to me – just ‘from on the internet’…  maybe saw the cut out template on SplitCoastStampers.  I gave it away to a couple of places.

But I saw it used on another site and they acknowldged me! Lovely!


I’ve called it Canned Heat cos I have been listening to Jamiroqai (sp?) and like that track and somehow, it kind of fits. Anyhow, I’ve given it a make-over. I’ve included the butterfly on top as well.  Hope you like them and enjoy. The GSD is below. Right click and Save Link To…. your machine.

Canned Heat (€ [price])

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Thought it’s about time I got a move on and made some cards. I fell in love with the  Pure Innocence digi stamp range and bought a couple. I did promise myself that I wouldn’t buy any more stamps – I was beginning to feel I’d end up like those people on Extreme American Hoarders  if I didn’t stop! Well, these are digi stamps so they’re fine! Virtual space is OK!

Lots of things are on the go.  I want to finish painting the salt dough hearts made last week so they will be ready to use as decoarations.

My two cakes are marzipanned and I’ll probably ice them sometime in the beginning of December.  My friend and I are on a cake decorating course at a local college so am going to see what I can do with my cakes this year. Apart from eat them, of course! I don’t seem to have a chocolate G -spot like most women. But I do like rich fruit cake – and Christmas pudding. I could skip the dinner and go straight to the pud. With cream or custard. Mmmm-mmmm!

My partner always claimed that he didn’t like rich fruit cake but he loves mine. Is mine particularly great? Well, it is a Delia recipe so can’t go wrong there. You can find the recipe on the BBC website, btw. But, all in all, nice fruit cakes taste like lots of other nice fruit cakes. So why love mine?  It turns out his mum must have had the same ideas about fruit cake as my mum did:

Rule 1: Any and all burned currants or fruit MUST be left on the cake for consumption. They will be hidden by a layer of marzipan and coated, like nuclear waste, in a concrete casing of rock hard icing and, therefore, will not be visible. That means you won’t have the option of removing them before you eat. By the time you realise you’re gagging on nasty, you have a mouth that looks like the inside of an incinerator and would just make a completely disgusting spectacle of yourself if you tried to remove it.

Rule 2: Follow the recommended cooking time, then some, just in case any moisture or ‘yield’ is left in the cake. Always thinking ahead and planning for a shortage of breeze blocks, here. These cakes have so many uses.

Rule 3: Never, ever, EVER add glycerine to royal icing. When icing has the consistency of  the armoured plating of a rapid deployment tank it will last much longer and still be around the following Christmas. Should war be declared between times, build yourself a air raid shelter with it.

My aunt told me that my mum made a cake for my gran and unbeknownst to her, gran threw it all out for the birds. Rumour has it that slabs of cake were used as stepping stones to her outside toilet for many years.

So, for many years, my partner thought all rich fruit cake was like that! Mystery explained.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

More Print and Cut…

Can you tell I’ve re-discovered the Print and Cut function? I forgot how much fun it is! I doodled the little picture, scanned it in and turned it into a PS brush. The puffy box is a standard template you can get from loads of sites on the net – either to hand cut (see SplitCoastStampers) or other places for the .GSD. I digi-stamped it then P and C’d it and it’s a perfect size for a little birthday something.

Enough P and C – for the moment. I must get round to finishing that windmill… and the salt dough hearts. They’re half painted but need the other side doing… then they have to dry… then they have to be varnished and that means making sure I have things covered so that I don’t get the varnish everywhere… gah! I don’t like mess.

I don’t know what it is about the salt dough mixture but my cat went yampy for it! He must have thought I was making something wonderful cos he kept shouting and bruuing at me for it. I let him have a smell close up – that usually does the trick – he has a sniff then realises that it really isn’t something nice to eat and loses interest – but no! He wanted to lick it! I had to whip the bowl back quick not only is the dough full of salt, it also has wallpaper paste in. The boy is mad!

Little triangle box

While playing around with print and cut I made up a couple of other little boxes for small Christmas presents. they are fairly dinky  – I’ve posted them beside a Pandora packet to give you some idea of the scale. Thread with ribbon, tie the ends and dangle on the Christmas tree, it’s fun looking for  them come Christmas and in the meantime, with a bit of glitter and/or frou frou ribbon, they look pretty as a picture on the run up to the big day.  I gave the triangle box GSD away on a website some time ago and until recently I’ve always cut from pretty paper or stamped  them.

This time I created the pattern (dingbat printer flourishes converted to PS brushes) and added the text to personalise the gift. PS brushes have settings to control the angle the stamp is set to, as well as flip x or y settings,  so getting the pattern around each of the sides isn’t as difficult as it might look.

I think it’s turned out pretty neat and the contents of the Pandora packet beside it might just end up inside… without giving too much away to Abi!


Well, I stumbled upon  a site giving away the most brilliant little boxes! They’re fab! Check out: Like it says, they make little boxes featuring a whole raft of cartoonified characters. I downloaded Spock, Sonic and Bender to make some fun sized mini-Smartie boxes as Christmas stocking fillers. They remind me of cartoons a guy a Uni used to do – (you still around Ges?).

I modded them a bit by adding bottoms with tabs so that they would close both ends. I also cut the arms into two and stuck them down flush inside the box rather than have them go through one slit and out the other as it used up the room inside. You’ll see what I mean when you look at the templates on the site.  I may yet cut his ears so that they can stick out like a London taxi cab with the doors left open …

I also deleted the  fold lines and used the Craft Robot print and cut function then made them up but have only taken pictures of Spock so far. Here you go! Check the site out – so many to choose from and all great. I think they might make fun table settings – could glue a banner with a name on for the box men to hold, leave the top off and stand a serviette in them.

I’ve just added (Nov 27) Sonic but there are just so many more and well worth a check! I’ve placed a box of mini Smarties next to the boxes to give you an idea of their scale. You can get two boxes of mini Smarties in the boxes so a neat stocking filler!

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