Make tapering shapes with the width tool in Illustrator CS5

Still getting to grips with Illustrator CS5 and poking about at the new tools. I was delighted to find the Width Tool is easy to use and a very handy little widget. I used it to make some tapering shapes with curls on the end – see below. They do look like a set of Victorian surgical accessories but they have their own charm. Well, I like them, anyway. I’ve written a quick tutorial to produce a basic squirl shape and introduce the principles of working with the tool so the rest is down to you. I hope you enjoy.

The tutorial:

Pretty Bubbles Everywhere – Bubblicious Photoshop tutorial

I am Photoshop bonkers at the moment. It’s funny how the urges come in splurges.

Anyway, bubbles caught my mind’s eye today so I made a lovely round shiny bubble in PS then converted it to a bubble brush so I could sweep bubbles wherever I like. The tutorial is here for you to have a go yourself and paint bubbles wherever you want a sparkle and shimmer. Use them on your digital scrapbook layouts or make your own and play with reflections using Polar Co-ordinates or putting things inside the bubbles…. (before they are converted into brushes) like butterflies or fairies or children, though that feels a bit sad …

Download the tutorial here:


Create a watercolour effect painting in Photoshop

I went for a coffee in a little cafe / craft shop the other day and loved the water colour paintings around the walls. Well, my drawing skills are ok but I don’t really paint as such…. so I went out with my camera and took some pictures to see what I could do with them in Photoshop. I came up with the water colour effect below.

I have written up the tutorial and recommended using Glowing Edges / Invert but I think Find Edges without the inversion would work just as well.

Click on the link below to download the pdf and have a go yourself. Have fun.

I set myself the challenge of getting this written up early so I had time to get through some chores before tonight’s IT Crowd. Wouldn’t have mattered if I hadn’t…. I’d have left everything and just watched it anyway only I get to see it now without feeling bothered by the Undone Things.

And… I received a comment on the last PS tutorial. I didn’t publish the comment but will quote one line from:

“It is incomprehensible to me but the relevance and importance is overwhelming.”

It’s profound nonsense but I love it. Thank you.

Free Easel Card SVG Template

Easel cards are everywhere. They’re dead simple so I’m not going to re-invent the wheel by writing up my own instructions. The link here: Easel Card tutorial on the Split Coast Stampers site has a step-by-step tutorial with pictures as well as a video.

I have made a quick and simple easel card template which includes a base card (the red lines are fold lines),  a nested layer and a couple of ‘stopper’ options.

Download either the FREE SVG file here: 

Haven’t got a stitch to wear! PS tutorial for creating a stitched effect

Here is a quick tutorial on how to create a cross-stitch brush in Photoshop and then how to apply the cross-stitch brush to text and other shapes. It’s easy and fun to play with.

Download the pdf tutorial here:


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