Make a Glass Bead in Photoshop

Glass beads add dimension to digi-layouts and are so simple to make. I have attached a 9-step pdf which shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes or so to complete. I hope you enjoy making them. The picture below includes a fairy – simply add an image then go to Filter>Distort>Spherise to blend the image in.

Many thanks to Moha and Police Media for the butterfly brush.

Download the pdf here:


Madame Butterfly and PS Lighting Effects

I’ve been playing with lighting in Photoshop today and¬† really¬† like the flashlight effect used below.

I’m also looking for the originator of the brushes I used in the foreground… I’ve lost the link and want to give credit to the individual who created it. If you know who’s it is, please let me know so I can let them know how I’ve used their artistic talents to enhance my portrait. Many thanks in advance!

Many thanks to Moha and Police Media for the butterfly brush.

Tapering spirals using the new width tool in illustrator cs5

The Width tool in Illustrator CS5 is a lovely addition. Very easy to use. It makes a one-step job of creating tapering spirals and I’ve detailed how to use it in the attached pdf below.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t find the Spiral tool settings intuitive at all and it’s always trial and error as to which value I change to get a different spiral from it so I’ve also included a detailed explanation with pictures of how the Spiral tool works.

I hope this makes them a little clearer and easier for you.
Many thanks to Obsidiandawn ( for the fairies and Yasny Chan for the vector flower brushes.

Download the pdf here:

Hot wire-work effects in Illustrator and Photoshop

I wanted to make something with the spiral tool in Illustrator and filled up the letter h (my initial) with them. I took the final result into PS and added a few effects and was pleased with the final result. The tutorial is here for you to download if you fancy having a go yourself.
Many thanks to Obsidian Dawn ( for the fairy brushes.

download here:

For those of you who like digi scrapping and could make use of the letter ‘h’, here is the png (300 dpi) for you:

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