Illustrator Tutorial – Basic Transform and Pathfinder Functions

Just a quickie to outline some basic Transform Effects, Transform Each and Pathfinder functions. It’s mainly for crafters with an eye to outputting to a cutting machine like the Craft Robo but the principles are no different for welding, subtracting, duplicating, etc, as they are in usual graphics.

PDF tutorial

For you – a set of alphabet brushes for PS and PSE

Following a day of ferocious rain that hammered down with fury, I woke last night  to hear the deep, plaintive booming of the fog horn from the near by light house. And this morning, the rain was still persisting down! So, no nice wandering off to the beach today to smell the salty seaweed and count the number of blue rubber gloves washed up from the fishing boats.

With time on my hands, I finished off a set of alphabet character brushes with a cheeky flower to brighten them up. They’re here for you to download if you have a use for them. I hope you like them.

Right Click and select ‘Save Link As’ to download the brushes to your computer:

Alphabet flower brushes for PS and PSE

A free butterfly brush for PS and PSE

I saw a lovely rubber stamp similar to this, but not a digital one. I wanted it but just can’t buy any more rubber stamps – I have way too many, they weigh a ton and take up lots of space.

So, I made my own brush and love that I can scale it up or down to suit myself. And it cost me nothing. So it’s here for you as well – a little something from me to you to brighten your day.

Please enjoy.

Click here to download the brush (.abr)
Butterfly digibrush

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