Create a rainbow in Photoshop

Or Rainbow of the Night Sky! I have no idea why I created my rainbow against a night sky, but I did. Maybe it’s because there should be night time rainbows. How beautiful that would be!

Rainbows are the tears of joy from heaven. Obviously, in Ireland, we believe there’s a crock of gold at the end of them as well.

I’ve never found a pot of gold but I always make a wish when I see one, and who knows, maybe one day I will! Anyhow, who doesn’t like a rainbow?!  Today I have been looking at Polar Co-ordinates in Photoshop (not mathematics)! They take verticals and curve them in a single command. So easy! So using a rainbow gradient and the Polar Co-ordinates I made a rainbow of my own.  I added a sparkle brush because it kind of looked pretty and the brush can be kept forever in the brush presets to be used whenever a dusting of sparkly spangles is called for.

I’ve written up the tutorial for you. It takes much longer to explain and write up than it does to create them.

Download the tutorial here:

Create a Photo Montage in Photoshop

Still playing around in Photoshop. It’s just amazing how much it can do. No matter how much I learn about it I always feel like I’m still scratching the surface.

I’ve just made a photo montage and it was really easy.  Here’s my end result – if you look closely you’ll see the montage – it’s made up a tiny square pictures of my cat – behind the main image. The resolution isn’t brilliant to keep the size down for posting but when you do your own you’d obviously keep the res up to around 200 – 300 dpi. You could have your child’s face with a background montage of family members, family pets, etc. Anyway, have some fun making a unique scrapbook page for yourself.

Download the tutorial here:


Happiness Is… a digi heading for your layouts

Another header for layouts, this time all the colours of the rainbow to cast away any gloominess. It’s called ‘Happiness Is…’ and you fill in the rest! I hope you all have many blessings to celebrate and take the time to remember the happiness they give you.

Download the .png here

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