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Adobe Video Fun with CC

The graphic above was created in Animate – I saw a video that used this effect and wanted to have a go myself. I ended up doing mine quite differently but the end result is the same. Check out the inspiration:

Adobe CC

I am upgraded to Adobe CC! The previous version was CS6 and a few years old. The new features across the whole suite is a lot to learn but I’ve been trying my hardest.

The video I’ve posted is a synergy of Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Character Animator, Animate and Premiere Pro. It’s a work in progress with a lot still to do (the audio is awful – dunno why that’s so bad) but you get the idea. Stitching all the individual bits and pieces present sits own challenges and am still trying to work out how to include the Animate file (Adobe Fun posted above)  into the video I’ve posted. Hannah is obviously looking and pointing in the wrong direction for the glass ball particle explosion so when I re-do it will reverse the background picture and ball (the picture is taken from Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins – I love the sweet graphics).  There are a ton of things to correct but I’m getting there. It all helps me learn and that’s the objective.


This mountain landscape was a happy little play in Illustrator to get used to the latest interface and icons. It was based closely on this tutorial:–cms-28759


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Juicy Illustrator Curvy Ribbons

Being snowed in and going slightly stir crazy has some benefits. I spent time with Adobe apps having great fun with online tutorials. Since I got Adobe CC at the beginning of the year I found there was some catching up to do from CS6 (the previous version I had) to the new features and functionality in the cloud suite.

The curvy, organic shapes was created in Illustrator and inspired by Veerle’s blog . The combination of the juicy colours and the lovely curvy shapes drew me in and kept me occupied for a good wee while.

You can check out her tutorial in the link below.

Elegant Gradient Ribbon

Illustrator Tutorials

Illustrator Art Brush

Another great tutorial. This was something a little different and lends itself to lettering and other shapes. This is from Nobu Design and is called Illustrator Trick: Art Brush Lettering.

Once you’ve created the art brush, you can use it on any path you want.

I found that it  worked better if I broke the path on some letters so that the two ends of the brush didn’t munge together and remained distinct and separate.

When life’s too short to stuff a mushroom these quick effects are wicked little go-to brushes.

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Blown Away

This column of text looks like its edges have been eroded away or blown off. It was all done in Illustrator. It’s made from a column or shaped text box filled with text. I made a number of Scatter brushes using individual letters. Simply type a letter or two, in the same font and font size, as the column of text then go to Type>Create Outlines. This turns text into editable shapes.

Drag the letter (now an editable shape) onto the Brushes palette. Select Scatter Brush from the options. I left the size pretty much the same but if you want your letters to look as though they have blown far away you might want them to scale smaller, etc.

I kept the scatter and spacing close to the defaults but enough to give the distribution a sufficiently random effect. I set the Rotation to allow a full 360 rotation of each letter.

Create several of these Scatter brushes with different letters.

Finally, I used the paint brush to roughly draw the outline of the main text shape on the right-hand side. Repeat and build up the letter drift as you want.

When you’re pretty much happy with the end result, select Object>Expand Appearance and then Ungroup. Each letter can now be selected if you want to pick off a few stray or unwanted scatterings.

The brushes can be saved for use in other projects and the settings can be edited anytime you want.

Chat, Illustrator Tutorials

Create a Sunburst effect in Illustrator

Sunburst effects lend themselves to lots of happy, retro layouts. This video gives you the basics to create one. Play with the Stroke and Twirl settings to juice things up for your projects.

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