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Baby Bootees

Been busy making some new bootees and made these sweeties with little running rabbits – perfect for the time of year being so close to Easter.

I have the same rabbit theme running (literally, lol) around the top of the box!

The template includes a panel for the aperture (to be cut from acetate or other clear media). I left the acetate out of the box because it makes it  difficult to get a good shot of the bootees inside the box – I always end up with shadows and reflections. A  little tissue paper in the box would set them off beautifully, don’t you think?

They are  little dotes, aren’t they? These are just plain white with a little satin ribbon but could be embellished with pearl beads and other gorgeous things.

A quick close up of the box. The bootees and box are a perfect fit. Not too tight and not too loose. The template includes panel sides, each a couple of mm smaller than each of the four sides. If you make your box from stock that isn’t quite strong enough, you can reinforce them with the panels. This technique offers an economical way of decorating the box with your best paper while using your plainer stock for the box.

Making the bootees isn’t difficult but I have written up step-by-step instructions to ensure first time success and included them as a PDF.

If you’re interested in buying them, they are in my Etsy (Paper Pictures by Ellie Emyn) shop as SVG cutting files.

Thank you for looking.

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Pergola Lovelies!

This post is a Thank You to Mary for sending me her beautiful and gorgeously lush photographs of the pergolas she made from my templates. Didn’t she make a really super job of them?!

I love the orange and white – juicy colours that really pop. I love all of them, actually, the Christmassy ones, the chocolate and white Woodland Pergola and the lilac and white. Finally, the classic and classy all-white snowflake dome – sophisticated and stunning.

Mary bought the templates from my Etsy site and had her first model made within the first day of purchase (I think that’s correct allowing for time zone issues – Mary is in the USA).

Thank you for sharing them with me and I’m delighted to showcase them here (with Mary’s permission).

Hope you enjoy looking – I do!

To see my other templates, click the Etsy logo on the page to visit my shop.

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You are my sun, my moon and all my stars

My latest papercutting is  based on a quote from E. E. Cummins:

“Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born: – you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.”
As you can see, I like to take pictures from the cutting mat (see above), the mounting and then to the final placement in a frame. Here it is mounted on a sheet of Coredination archival paper. It’s actually an olive green but my colour management isn’t brill and it just looks dark.

Here it is in the frame, the one I bought from TK Maxx to go with the bedside cabinets.
(I cheated and left the glass out just for the photo – you know how troublesome dealing with reflective surfaces can be).

It suits the carved panelling on the cabinets very well and they look made for each other.

I also bought a new lightshade from Ikea. Very frou-frou, all flouncy like a tutu on the ceiling:

The bedroom is looking quite lovely but have got to be mindful to not turn it into something too girly on account of Mr Smith who remains unequivocally male and not appreciative of the softer feminine things that I find so exquisitely wonderful.

The shade has an amazing tactile property. It’s made from paper that feels like filo pastry and is compulsively OCD touchy and squishable for it.

Jess looked on with a steady eye wondering what her mummy was up to now. And last pic of the day, Cat, from down the road. He just loves being around Gracie. Here he is giving me the Midwich Cuckoo stare – eyes as green as Tommy Knockers, the ‘is the Cat’s cafe open yet’? look.

Well, October now. Getting colder. It’s lovely seeing the leaves turning into shades of gold, russet and orange. I think autumn is my favourite season. Summer was a bit of a wash out and it’s been a very chilly year. I’ve been togged up in my flying jacket and jeans to keep me toasty for the last month or so, on and off. As E. E. Cummins said: ‘“The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.” He really meant Ireland , not the world!

Anyway, a quick ‘Hello’ from Cat and a Byeee from me!

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Time in a Bottle

Went into Dublin to look for mount board and backing papers but couldn’t find anything special so am using my ever-dwindling stash of Papergenie and Coredinations.

Dublin was very busy. Not sure if it was the mad dash to get last minute uniforms and school shoes before the kids go back next week or what. Just too busy to stay and pooch around so didn’t exactly hunt high and low.

Popped into Ikea on the way back and it was, as ever, busy busy busy. Anyhoo, Ikea was Ikea. It is what it is. I bought a couple of large Ribba, a couple of small Ribba and a Virserum. I checked out the new fabrics they have in stock – nothing exciting.

On the way back, the rain lashed down for a while but when it dried up and the sun popped out there was the most beautiful rainbow  – like the sky had been gift wrapped in irridescent ribbons. Ahh!

Anyway, finally despairing of ever finding lovely backing paper for the Time in A Bottle papercutting, I had a flash of inspiration – fabric. I still had some lovely pink tweed  so Modged it onto some hardboard (MisterE cut it to size for me – thank you MisterE) as the backing layer.

I spray glued the cutting and pressed it down on the fabric and framed it all up. It looks lovely – though I say it myself!  It’s now up on the wall in pride of place by the dining table.

The actual papercut is also listed on Etsy as a papercutting as well as the pdf template from a previous listing. I’m making it a limited edition of just 5 so each will be numbered and signed on the reverse. Why five? It’s too much work to do more than that!

Anyway, hope you like the mounting and it gives you ideas for picture framing in the future.

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Here Goes… At Last!

** I have opened an Etsy shop – whooo-hoooo! It’s called Ellie Emyn!! I’m new to it all so will find the ‘proper’ Etsy badge and post it when I get more time but it’s there!! I did it!! **

I think this will be the first cutting file I’ll place on Etsy as either a PDF template or actual papercut. This one is custom made, obviously and was for a winter baby, hence the snowflakes. But the main part of the template is easily (ish) customisable although I#d have to find a substitute for the snowflakes. And the moon wouldn’t be appropriate for a day time baby….

***Ellie Emyn – NOW ON ETSY!!**

And what if the baby’s name was more than say, 13 characters or so long?  And shipping out a flimsy piece of paper makes my toes curl. How could it survive the rigours of the PO?

Just trying to think though the logistics and whether I’m prepared for all eventualities… off to read up and research but fingers crossed. We shall see.

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