Glass Etching

glass etching

Glass Etching

Etched glass jars

Have been keeping busy to take my mind off things  though I still catch myself about to speak to him when I pass by his favourite comfy spots around the house and miss him badly.  Thankfully, there’s lots to do and I’ve made a start on a couple of etched glass jars for Christmas gifts. The ones for last year are already on the blog ( but here is my latest:

I haven’t personalised it cos I’m not sure who to give it to yet. The next one will be bespoke though! The Craft Robot cuts through vinyl like butter making these projects very easy to do and achieve professional looking results. I find that a light strip or two of masking tape over the top of the vinyl keeps all the bits together before lifting off the backing sheet and placing on the glass. It also saves the vinyl curling up and sticking to itself in the process of moving it as well. Just stick the design down, gently lift off the masking tape (or any low-tack strip adhesive) then burnish the vinyl onto the glass to prevent the etching cream leeching under and spoiling the finish.



Glass Etching

Come and see my etchings…

A quick update  (Nov 27) on the jar etching I started. It’s going great. I decorated a tall jar last night and have three more like it to do and 4 small ones.

Finally got cracking on some Christmas makes that have been earmarked for some time now. I’ve bought a few Killner jars as  presents;  they’re very useful but without decoration and something nice inside, they’re dull boys to be giving. I plucked up courage to try out glass etching. This is something I’ve put off for some time thinking  it was messy or difficult but it really isn’t.  There are pictures below showing the basic stages.

There’s no limit to decorating glassware. Text, patterns… anything you fancy. Jar one is going to be filled with Roses so the word ‘Sweet’ does the trick for the decoration.  (I was going to use the word ‘sweeties’ but that imposes  limits on what the jar would be appropriate for once the sweets were eaten. ‘Sweet’ is a little more generic).

I started by measuring the area that I wanted to etch then typed out the word ‘Sweet’ to fit in that area. I put a rectangle around the text then cut it from some vinyl on the CR.  The mask was stuck down onto the jar and burnished well to make sure the vinyl didn’t have any wrinkles to let the etching cream leech under.

Next,  I put down some tin foil to catch any drips and gave the text a coating of cream. It goes on very easily and isn’t runny at all. Take care not to go over the edge of the black rectangle and keep the cream on the text and mask only. You don’t want any stray blobs or smears on the rest of the jar. This is left for 15 minutes. It looks very  like melted chocolate so I would say don’t do this while young children are around  as they might be tempted to touch or  taste it.

When the 15 minutes is up, scrape off the cream and get as much as you can back in the bottle to be used again, then rinse the rest off under the tap.

Peel off the vinyl and you are left with your etching!

The photo doesn’t do it justice  – it was a mare of a photo to take as I had to use flash (no daylight when I took this pic) then had problems with glare and then had to faff around with a filter and…. meh! You know how it is.

I’m just waiting for a batch of salt dough hearts to dry (painted and now varnished) to tie around the top of the jar with a gift tag.  Hopefully, they will be dry by tomorrow.

I’m amazed it’s so easy and can see lots of opportunities to personalise all sorts of things. I hope this encourages you to have a go as well. Thank you for looking.

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