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Free retro tableware Photoshop & PSE (.abr) brushes



Saw these retro designs on a site called No Pattern Required but they were spoiled by black marks throughout them. They were being offered as a freebie and I downloaded them to embroider some napkins. But, I think you’ll agree, they’re very sweet and deserving of a new lease of life so I cleaned them up and converted them into Photoshop/PSE brushes.
They’re full of personality and fun. Hope you enjoy.

Free Tableware PSE/PE brushes

FREE PS /  PSE Tableware brushes (.ABR)



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Today is….

Or maybe I could just say ‘Love finds a way’.

Today, from the bottom of my heart I hope those of you with heavy loads, struggling with life’s burdens and wondering if you have the strength to carry them any further, believe they, too, will pass. Hand your troubles over to the Infinite Spirit and keep love in your heart. Love will set you free.

Namaste x x x


PS: Another lovely graphic from the fabulous Craftsmanspace website. Again, I took it into Photoshop and applied colour, etc, the selected elements.

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All you need is Love – make any font look ‘hand rendered’ in Illustrator



Isn’t the Scribble effect used above in Illustrator versatile and effective? I posted a couple of things about it last year: See the magic of Illustrator scribble  and here: Security seal tutorial.

Today I’ll tell you how to turn a font into a hand-rendered effect font and how to fill selected elements within the font with colour or gradients. AND it is so easy to do.

1. Open a new document in Illustrator. The size is up to you.

2. Type in some text using any font you like. I can’t remember which font I used here – I think it may have been Circus or Cast Iron.

3. With your text selected, go to the Swatch palette and remove the fill and stroke.

4. With the text (now invisible!) still selected, go to: Window>Appearance and click the little group of horizontal lines on the right to display a drop-down menu. Select Add New Fill.

5. You’ll see a small block of colour – leave the default colour black, keep it selected and go to Effect>Stylize>Scribble and apply the following settings:

  • Angle: 45°
  • Path Overlap: 0 px
  • Variation: 2 px
  • Stroke Width: 1 px
  • Curviness: 0%
  • Variation: 50%
  • Spacing: 2 px
  • Spacing Variation: 1.5 px

Okay the settings. (You can vary them to see the difference they make. I originally came across them in a from Vectips and for convenience I am using the same ones here. Please feel free to play around to see what they do and pick the effect best suited to what you want to create).

6. Back to the Appearance Panel. Now Add New Stroke and give the text a 2 px stroke.

7. With the Stroke still selected go to Effect>Distort & Transform>Roughen and apply the settings below:

  • Size: 0.5%
  • Size, select the Relative check button
  • Set the Detail level to 30 Points: click on the Smooth checkbox

Click OK and the scribble effect is all done.

8. Now, using the Black arrow selection tool (V) go to Type>Create Outlines

9. With the text still selected (now displaying as outlined with many nodes) go to Object>Ungroup and keep repeating this until the option to Ungroup is greyed out.

10. Using the Selection Tool (V), select elements within your text and fill with any colour or gradient you like from your Swatches or Gradient palettes! It’s as easy as that and you can now create some punchy, great-looking text effects for all sorts of applications.

In addition, if you want to apply the Scribble effect to other fonts without having to keep going through this process, simply save your ‘scribble’ by opening a New Graphic Style in the Graphic Styles panel and giving it a name. This adds it to the Graphics Styles library. To use it again, create your new text and, with it selected, click on your named scribble effect from the Graphic Styles library.

Ta Dah!!!!!!!!

Thought I’d be generous and give you the above graphic (b & w) as a PS brush as a freebie for the new year. Simply register to subscribe:
Love Love Love Photoshop ABR Love Love Love PS brush

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Christmas lights with free PS/PSE brush

Thought I’d show you the lantern now that the pillar candle has gone down a lot and lights up the globe better. There’s something so very relaxing and mesmerising about candle light. I enjoy curling up on the sofa with a hot drink  when I get in from the cold of an evening. It gives me some quiet time to reflect and decompress. I am reading a lot of Louise Hay, Florence Schinn and John Kehoe at the moment and this is a good time for following their advice and weeding out stray thoughts of negativity and replacing them with strong, healthy thoughts of  growth and positivity.

I went to the Citywest Convention Centre for the festival of Diwali, or Festival of Lights a little while ago. It’s a tremendously beautiful occasion celebrating the triumph of good over evil, the joy of life, light over darkness, and enlightenment, that is,  knowledge, over ignorance.  It was a glorious and uplifting event. This is my personal Diwali but on a MUCH smaller scale!

This week we see the passing of that eccentric old astronomer, Patrick Moore. My son developed an interest in astronomy thanks this this chap’s lifelong passion and his programme, The Sky at Night. And I’ve bought a telescope or two…

A great sadness in his life was that his fiance was killed during a bombing raid over England during WWII. He never got over her death and never married or had a romantic interest in anyone after she was killed. He NEVER forgave the Germans. That kind of bitterness is nothing but poison. You cannot drink from a poisoned chalice and expect it to injure anybody but yourself.

Still, crusty old so-and-so that he was, his mind was sharp and brilliant and he illuminated the minds of many more with his passion for the stars and planets. And, in my romantic notions, I hope he and his wartime sweetheart are together now. May old bitterness and blames be forgiven.

And today I read that Ravi Shankar has passed also. I have a CD of sitar music by Ravi Shanker that is truly lovely to have wafting around my home. And I didn’t guess for one second that Norah Jones is his daughter! I have a CD of hers also!

But so Atropos cuts the thread of life and hopefully releases our energies to an infinite life of joy. Bless them both, bless all.

Anyway, I must get on. Thought you might like a little freebie – a Photoshop ABR (PSE) brush to ‘stamp’ your winter projects with:

Click here for your free PS/PSE brush:

Winter wishes free Photoshop / PSE brush


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Want a quick ISO page size guide?

I used to love working with InDesign but now, not so much. Still, when I thought about making a reference guide for a fuller set of ISO page sizes than the one I posted earlier this week, it was the s/w of choice. And, today I did enjoy putting this layout together! It was also an opportunity to use the free papers and frilly borders I offered just over a week ago so was pleased to see they worked well for what I wanted. I only got 2 comments so I might be one of the few people that likes them (am leaving them for another week or so then will retire them for personal use).

Anyway, the pic above is a .png so you might find it good enough res for whatever you’d like it for. If it has become too degraded in the shrink process, the pdf can be found here:

ISO page sizes PDF

Hope you have a great weekend.

All the best, Hel. x

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