Together We Are Magic – a papercutting for you


The weekend was bitterly cold! I went shopping just across the border in Newry. There are two shopping centres just a few minutes walk away from each other, the Quays and Buttercrane, and in those few minutes I thought my face would crack with the cold – it felt as though it was frozen solid!

Radio Nova dedicated the weekend to playing romantic records. As the drive to Newry was a good hour and a half each way, I heard a bunch of them and thought there were a few dubious choices in the mix particularly Paul Young’s ‘Every time you go away you take away a piece of meat with you’. Well, that’s as romantic as a bluebottle on the bum. I mean, what’s she doing? Nicking his pork chops? Leg of lamb? Soon put a stop to that, if I was him.

So, changing tack completely and happily, I’m giving you a free paper cutting file – just in time for St Valentine’s Day. It’s not totally soppy. I think it says plenty in a lovely way. You can download the SVG here:
Together We Are Magic

You’ll need a cutting machine, obviously, but it cuts well and isn’t too intricate or fiddly to weed. I hope you like it and remember, somebody, somewhere, loves you. Have a happy Valentine’s day.

Free Dracula Pop-Up Template for Halloween

Here you go! A free Dracula pop-up card template. When you open the card with him in the middle, he stretches his arms wide to take a wicked nibble as vampires like to do!

This pop-up is based on Frankenstein pop-up on Robert Sabuda’s site. The instructions for how to fold and stick Dracula down on your card are the ones that Robert Sabuda has created a slideshow tutorial for on his Frankenstein so follow the link here:

Robert Sabuda’s pop-up Frankenstein

You can get the Free Dracula SVG file here:

Drop me a comment to say Fangs for the template when you get a mo!

Teabag Taggy

I am sewing away to get a few more things made in time for a craft fair in Naas next Saturday and am finishing off a couple of teapot cosies ( like this one:  tea cosy ) and popping on a little teabaggy taggy to tie round the handle. Notice the perfectly parallel stitch lines around the edges? Twin needle. One snag is that you can’t pivot around corners like you can with a single needle but no matter, on simples shapes like this, corners are easily manouverable. A twin needle gives a lovely pretty finishing detail.

The template (such as it is, being so simple) pieces are kept in a small, foldover wrapper, see below. The surface design was created with a rubber stamp (Imaginesce range, I think) which was scanned then converted to a brush and pattern in Photoshop. The beauty of doing this is Versatility. The image can be scaled up or down and printed in any colour to suit myself and can be accomplished in a one-stop-Photo-Shop-sit-down-and-create moment.

I used very lightweight (80 or 90 gsm) printer paper for my wrapper and it looks very sweet tucked under the ribbons of my noticeboard (have a peep at how to make one here).

I’m posting the wrapper template for you to share and have fun with.  It’s a straightforward shape to cut and not a single tricky fold to tackle anywhere but the end result is pretty cute and useful.

There you go!

Free Owl Template for Cutting or Sewing

A frosty Monday Freebie for you. I am still getting things ready for the Christmas Fair and these little stuffies filled with rosemary and lavender are great stocking fillers. They are useful for popping into  drawers and wardrobes to keep moths away and keep the clothes sweet and fresh. Oh – and I think they’re very pretty as well.

As you can see, I’ve been crocheting and sewing and loving it! I’m giving away the owl pattern (top picture). You can cut two main bodies, stitch together to make a stuffy (make the body a little larger than the rest of the pattern to allow for seams) or cut one and use as an applique template. I have also included an SVG in case you would like the pieces to cut out with your Cameos, Silhouettes, Silver Bullets, etc, to make cards and embellishments.


Looks like I put the baby to bed in this pic, ha ha. I made the little basket. Crochet is such a joy – it grows very quickly so you get results in a satisfyingly short time.


So quickly that I had time to make a batch of lemon ‘buns’ – what we pretty much call all small cakes in Ireland though you’ll recognise it as a cupcake. This goodie is topped with edible glitter (sadly, the RL effect of the glitter is lost in the photo) with silver balls and is sitting pretty in a silver foil case. This was for my neighbour so I popped it into a gift box to make it a bit more special – can I lapse into the vernacular? – spesh it up a bit.

Am fibbing about having made the basket this weekend though – it was something I’ve been doing a bit with in the evenings though I did finish it Saturday night so not too much of a fib. Just operating a little word economy…

Anyway, all, in all, a good weekend so tinkerty tonk and too da loo to you.

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