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Vintage blanket free crochet pattern

A blanket with the pattern above was on an episode of call the midwife and inspired me to have a go at making one. It also makes for a lovely scarf if you stick to 3, maybe 4 blocks, depending on the yarn you use.

I tried a pattern found online but just kept falling foul of it and was frogging every five minutes. I gave up on that one and worked one out for myself. I’m about half way through and think another 5 or 6 blocks will make a useful sized blanket for a little one.

Want my pattern? Here you go find it in your downloads!  Crochet blanket

I’ve been very busy and am pursuing an interest that I’ve had for many years – I’m taking aromatherapy classes! I took module one last weekend – Friday evening, then all day Sat and Sun. Met some lovely ladies and enjoyed the training. Last thing on Sunday, we sat in pairs and practiced hand massages. Heaven. The room was full of soothing and healing smells and the massage was wonderful. Glory be – I mean wonderful!

I booked Friday and Monday off work so I could have some down time (barring washing, cleaning and ironing… lol). I have to find some guinea pigs to practice hand massages on and write up the consultation, the aromatherapy blend and send back to the training centre for assessment. Next module is January so a bit of time to do that. Also have to take anatomy and physiology classes to be eligible to take the aromatherapy diploma exam. The course finishes with an exam next October, I think, when I hopefully, will be a qualified aromatherapist. Yay me! What will I do then? Really don’t know! It’s far, far removed from what I do now and have no idea if I could make a living from it.

Now then, who will be my willing victims clients?

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Together We Are Magic – a papercutting for you


The weekend was bitterly cold! I went shopping just across the border in Newry. There are two shopping centres just a few minutes walk away from each other, the Quays and Buttercrane, and in those few minutes I thought my face would crack with the cold – it felt as though it was frozen solid!

Radio Nova dedicated the weekend to playing romantic records. As the drive to Newry was a good hour and a half each way, I heard a bunch of them and thought there were a few dubious choices in the mix particularly Paul Young’s ‘Every time you go away you take away a piece of meat with you’. Well, that’s as romantic as a bluebottle on the bum. I mean, what’s she doing? Nicking his pork chops? Leg of lamb? Soon put a stop to that, if I was him.

So, changing tack completely and happily, I’m giving you a free paper cutting file – just in time for St Valentine’s Day. It’s not totally soppy. I think it says plenty in a lovely way. You can download the SVG here:
Together We Are Magic

You’ll need a cutting machine, obviously, but it cuts well and isn’t too intricate or fiddly to weed. I hope you like it and remember, somebody, somewhere, loves you. Have a happy Valentine’s day.

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Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Topping

Here’s the recipe for the peanut cupakes, the salted caramel sauce and the buttercream icing. The batch I made didn’t last long. Just enough time to drizzle with edible fairy dust before they got scoffed!

Click the link for the free PDF:

Hope you make them – they’re a real treat. Enjoy.

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