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Free Dracula Pop-Up Template for Halloween

Here you go! A free Dracula pop-up card template. When you open the card with him in the middle, he stretches his arms wide to take a wicked nibble as vampires like to do!

This pop-up is based on Frankenstein pop-up on Robert Sabuda’s site. The instructions for how to fold and stick Dracula down on your card are the ones that Robert Sabuda has created a slideshow tutorial for on his Frankenstein so follow the link here:

Robert Sabuda’s pop-up Frankenstein

You can get the Free Dracula SVG file here:

Drop me a comment to say Fangs for the template when you get a mo!

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Pop Up Happy Birthday Text and Butterfly Topper

Heylo!  The sun was out this morning putting everyone in a good mood. It was so lovely to go out without feeling weighed down with chunky layers and thick coats like a heavy-duty upholstered sofa and wear something light. Can just move so much more easily without castors! I made a mental note that when I got back I could do a bit of gardening and plant some flowers I bought at the weekend. Sadly, it didn’t pan out. The weather changed, the rains came down and it turned very cold. The plants, beautiful in bloom, sit, pot bound, waving through the window at me waiting for the next sunny opportunity. Never mind, they look a pretty sight and the rain will keep them healthy enough.

I also made a new pop-up at the weekend and am posting it for sale today. It is €4.00 and includes the butterfly topper and the zig-zagged middle with the pretty cut-out edging. The middle has ‘Happy Birthday’ in pop-up letters with zig-zagged decorative edging top and bottom and some cut out flowers. The card pictured has the template in a standard 135 x 135 mm square.

It is available in SVG format so is suitable for a wide range of cutting machines such as the Cameo, Silhouette, Silver Bullet, Black Cat Cougar, etc. The folds aren’t fiddly and won’t take long to prepare for going inside a card.

Payment is through Paypal and the electronic cutting template will be sent to the e-mail address of the PaylPal account holder unless otherwise specified.


PDF showing fold instructions
Butterfly topper with zig-zagged, decorative edged strip
Pop up ‘Happy Birthday’ with top and bottom decorative edging and cut out flowers

Price: €4.00

Order it here:

Pop-Up Happy Birthday and Butterfly Topper (€ [price])


Thank you for looking.

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From my house to yours, this Christmas

I made the pop up and card as part of a set of ‘From my house to yours’. I have family and friends abroad and the sentiment suits beautifully.

I’m posting the set for sale:

  • A plaque with ‘Merry Xmas’ cut out and a step to fix a topper to for a pop up card middle
  • A plain plaque with the step but no words
  • A house topper to fix to the step with cut out frames for the door and windows, etc
  • A house-shaped card
  • A house-shaped gift tag
  • Some cut out shapes, a heart, holly leaves, a row of icicles and a blank house shape to stick behind the house with the cut-out windows


It’s a basic step pop up on a plaque-shaped mat with ‘Merry Xmas’ cut out  and another with the words removed so you can use it for other occasions. The one in the picture above is in a 100mm x 100 square card so it’s pretty small but has cut cleanly. No fiddly folding, just a couple of easy folds and your stepped pop-up middle is good to decorate.

You can use other toppers if you want but the house front with frames for the door and windows etc, are included. Again, you can use it as a topper or a flat gift tag.

There are one or two embellishments (not shown) – a heart, some holly leaves, a row of icicles and a blank house-shaped cut out to glue behind the house to fill in the windows etc.

Also included is a house-shaped card:

Obviously, you can scale it up to be a card or a gift tag but I think the small one is as cute as a button. I didn’t cut out contrasting frames here as I’ve run out of coloured card. Never thought that day would come! Had to make do with a couple of pastels.

It’s a lovely little set and it’s just €4.50.

It’s  available in SVG format for €4.50 euro. You’ll need an electronic cutter like a Cameo, Silhouette, Craft Robo, Black Cat or Silver Bullet, etc. If you prefer a different format, let me know and I’ll save to a different file type and get it to you. I create everything in Illustrator but have other software I can import to and change file type.

The file will be sent to the Paypal e-mail address linked to the Paypal account holder unless directed otherwise. I will send it within 24 hours of payment being received by Paypal. Paypal will also handle all currency conversions for you.

House Card, Tag & Stepped Pop-up SVG @ 4.50 euro:
DownloadHouse Card, Tag & Stepped Pop-up SVG (€ [price])

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Loving you is easy cos you’re beautiful

Did anyone see The Voice finals at the weekend? I didn’t watch the series but caught the end. I thought both Andrea and Leah were sensational. And Leah’s cover of Minnie Riperton’s ‘Loving You’ – just f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s!

I got carried away by it all and made, what I think, is a beautiful pop-up card insert. Why couldn’t I have come up with this for Valentine’s Day? At that time  I had Martin Crane’s (Frasier) ‘She’s such a groovy lady’ going through my head … :

: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to quibble but it seems like her heart is always going heidi-hiedi, ringy-dingy, or scooby dooby.

Martin: Look, I don’t need another critic.

Niles: Fine, perhaps a cardiologist?

Despite having seen repeats more times than I ‘ve had hot dinners, I still laugh out loud at  the numerous one liners AND still cannot watch the scenes where Niles – finally – tells Daphne he loves her on the eve of her wedding to Donny – without tearing up. It’s so poignant …. so  gorgeously romantic…

Anyway, head full of Loving You  I sat down and designed the heart.  Too late for Valentine’s, too late for anniversary and too late for birthday. So, I’m putting the heart pop-up insert up for sale. Maybe you’ll find it perfect for an occasion or can make up a card and keep it safe until the occasion comes around. I will just have to get in the mood and design another for Mr Tree next year.

It’s €5.00 for the heart pop-up insert in SVG format – please note it doesn’t include the toppers on the front of the card.


Loving You heart pop-up card insert SVG  June 2013: Loving You heart pop-up card insert SVG (€ [price])

You will need a cutting machine that can use the SVG format, eg,  Silhouette, Cameo, Black Cat Cougar, etc, to make use of the file. Your template will be sent to the e-mail address of the PayPal account holder responsible for making the payment unless otherwise directed.


Thank You for looking



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There’s a lady who lives close by who grows sunflowers and sells them. It’s a sunny, friendly sight to see when they get big enough to look over the walls and smile at the sun; I imagine it’s a cheery sight for everybody. Bumble bees love them, too, and when I grew them years ago I remember bees making long stops at these big sunny flowers.

One of my current visitors likes a smoke and sits in the conservatory doorway to have a fag here and there and I sometimes sit in there with him and chat. We were in there when a huge bumbly flew in! Don’t know if it was a queen or not but it was big! It’s not a rare occurence so I keep a big fluffy fibre duster on a stick – like a feather duster – and  gently get the bee to climb on then hold it outside so they can fly away.

They work hard and their work is important –  what is the dire warning? Without bees…  ‘without pollenation, food supplies would rapidly dwindle, and the human race along with most life would end rapidly…likely in less than 3 years. (Wikipedia).  Anyway, treat them kindly.

Popping in, popping out and popping up is a bit of a theme in my life at the moment and so pop-up cards are still keeping me interested! I was thinking of making a cake card for my son’s girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow. I was very taken by one on Craftster by CPeep, her Pop-up wedding cake card (which would work perfectly as a birthday cake too):

http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=352642.0 She is generously giving the templates away for the straight and wavy sided templates here:


It’s bookmarked and I’ll make on later this month for another birthday that’s coming up – they are both lovely.

Anyway, am posting a pop-up card insert for sale. It was inspired by the talented Tracy Chong, see hers here:


Mine features a pretty cut out pattern at one end and the sunflower pop-up elements at the other end. It’s straightforward to fold and assemble and looks summery and bright against a contrasting background.

It’s €3.00 and available in SVG, GSD and Studio formats. You will need an appropriate cutting machine, eg, Craft Robo, Cameo, Silhouette, Black Cat cutter, etc to use the template.

When your payment is received you will be notified and you can download the file by clicking on the ‘Your Orders’ link on the right-hand side of the home page.

Sunflower pop-up card insert: SVG, GSD & Studio (€ [price])

Thank you so much for looking.

Hels x

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