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Fairy wing dress box

Here’s a little something that perfect for all sorts of girlie occasions: bridal showers, wedding favours, place settings, little girls’ birthday parties, communion and confirmation gifts, girlie Christmas trinkets brought by the Christmas fairy… It’s extremely versatile so it’s up to you and your imagination to schuzz and embellish it as frothily as you like!

I made mine in A3 pink-to-make-the-boys-wink 220gsm paper/card with metallic champagne-coloured Conqueror for the contrasting petticoat and wing backing with a dusting of Glamour Dust to make them sparkle like diamonds. A quick ribbon bow below the bodice and it’s off to a gorgeous girlie do with a flounce and a shimmy! Pop in a pretty cello baggie filled with beads, jelly beans, sugared almonds or other nicies! I can’t think of any girlie who wouldn’t want to receive it and, clap hands – they will think how wonderful and clever you are to have made such a beautiful thing!

It’s easy to assemble, a few folds with a little pinchy-poo of glue here and there, and it’s done. All you need is a Silhouette, Cameo, Black Cat or Silver Bullet Cutter or other machine that works with SVG formats.

It’s being sold in SVG format for €4.50 euro. Payment is to be made through Paypal and the electronic template will be sent to the e-mail address of the Paypal account holder (unless you specify otherwise) within 24 hours of payment being received.

Fairydressgiftbox SVG

Fairy dress gift box SVG cutting template (€ [price])

Hope you like it and thank you for looking.

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Holy Communion / Confirmation gift box


It’s that beautiful time of year when lots of little boys and girls make their first Holy Communion. Traditional gifts have always been prayer books, missals, holy medals and rosary beads. I remember that my favourite and most treasured gift of my first Holy Communion was a set of crystal rosary beads. They glinted and shone with all the colours of the rainbow. My hair was set in ringlets and I had sparkly hair clips under my veil. I wore brand new, pure white sandals and socks and, the most beautiful rustly, satin with lace, white-as-snow frock. Oh, how I felt like a princess and I practiced looking holy for weeks!

I’ve made this little gift box in a pretty dress front and back to commerate the special day and is just perfect for a set of rosary beads to be popped into the box compartment. It would be just as lovely and useful for Confirmations or bridesmaid gifts and lots of other occasions as well. It has pretty pockets, collar and sweet cut-out details on the cuffs and what little girl wouldn’t be delighted to receive it?

You can buy it here in GSD, SVG and Studio formats for €4.50 euro. Payment is via Paypal which will do any currency conversion for you. When the payment is received you can download the template by clicking on the ‘Files you have ordered’ link on the right-hand side of the home page.

*** Many apologies: There is a problem with the Download Manager. In the meantime, the file will be sent to the e-mail address attached to the Paypal account I receive the payment from. If that account is not your own, please ask the account holder to request the file is sent directly to your e-mail or ask them to send the file to you when they receive it. Apologies for any inconvenience. Helen ***

Please note: You will need a Cameo, craft Robo, Silhouette, Wishblade, Black Cat Cutter or other compatible cutting machine to open and cut the template.

PS: This is the second file I’ve cut with my new Cougar (called Sammo after Jackie Chan’s sidekick / director – he’s big and powerful but moves with the grace, litheness and langour of a sleepy cat – but don’t be fooled – he can strike with the speed of a cobra when he wants to).

Thank you for looking

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Butterfly Basket (For Sale)

A sweet little basket perfect for Easter, Mother’s Day, a Birthday, a Thank You and lots of other happy occasions. This template cuts from two sheets of A4 but can be rescaled for those of with with a Cameo or Pro. The outer butterfly can be folded and adhered with the wings free to flutter, or, as I have done, tipped at the wing edges with a little glue to adhere to the basket edge to give them a curve. It’s up to you. The handle has a pretty cut out design that completes the whole oh-so-sweet effect. Pop in some pretty bon-bons, a spray of paper or fabric flowers or other  little gift of your choice. Whatever you do, it’s sure to delight the lucky recipient.

The electronic cutting files  (GSD or SVG formats) are for sale at 5.00 euro with payment through Pay Pal (which will handle any currency conversion). You will receive your file via email within 24hours of receiving payment. Please note you will need a cutting machine such as the Craft Robo, Silhouette, Cameo, etc, any machine that can cut GSD or SVG formats, to use the templates. The design remains my property so you cannot sell or share the template but you can sell the paper model.

Boxes and Packets

Pretty Carton SVG

Good morning! The sun is smiling over Ireland today despite the wind blowing an absolute  hooley all of last night. It’s still on the gusty side out there but it’s definitely eased up.

Hope you all got some lovely presents. Mr S Tree got some marmite flavoured chocolate in his stocking – how weird is that?! Everybody had to have a taste – just very, very peculiar! We all love marmite (no half-measures it really is a love it or hate it flavour) and all partial to a bit of choc… but the two together? Just very strange – not unpleasant – just strange!

I received the BEST Christmas Pudding in the world! Home made by a lady here in Skerries. Really gorgeous.

Well, Christmas is over and a new year upon us. I’ve made up some pretty packets. They can be dressed up to suit any occasion and useful all year round.

Carton SVG

The carton top has a decorative edging with a pretty cut-out design with a co-ordinated tag and plaque to go with it. The ones in the picture stand 5.5 inches high (although the ‘box’ part is 2 6/8ths high), is 3 and 3/8ths wide and 2in deep.

  • You will need an appropriate cutting machine (eg, Craft Robo, Silhouette, Cameo, etc) for the SVG file format.

The price is 3.50 euro and payment is to be made through Pay Pal. Your order will be sent to the e-mail account attached to the Pay Pal payment within 24 hours of the payment being received.

Thanks for looking


Pretty packet, tag and plaque SVG (€ [price])

Pretty packet, tag and plaque GSD (€ [price])

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Rainy Day text effect

Or so we thought! Glad to see the sun has got his hat on today! Today’s graphic is based on a tutorial posted on Spoonbloggraphics (

Firstly, a big birthday shout out to The Twist – Bobo – Yogi… he knows who he is! I have dressed all my fingers up especially for your birthday! Remember that? I have the original somewhere and I’ll try to find it and scan in for you. Big hugs and love to you! x x x

Right! Off to do some wii fitness and maybe a little more Zumba! Give my yuggly wumps the jiggly bumps!

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