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A card for Mum on Mother’s Day

Hello Again,

I’ve just updated a card I designed back in 2012 for Mother’s Day. The card now says ‘Mum’ and not ‘Mother’ so is much less formal and much more friendly! (Did you know that Sir Alan Sugar once sent his wife a birthday card and signed it  ‘from Sir Alan Sugar’? Lol) The updated template is available as an SVG so most, if not all, (I think) cutting machines will be able to read the format. You can sell the cards you make from the file just  don’t sell the template.

You can see the original card in the March 2012 post:

See original here:

The only change is the single word of Mother to Mum and it’s moved across to sit centrally in the card so it’s still pretty.

Thank you for looking

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Snowflake swing card

Just dressed up a file for Christmas. It’s a variation of the swingcard that I posted some time ago – see the link This one has a snowflake cut out and a good sparkling of sugar glitter. I embossed a circle of 80gsm (plain old copier paper!) to glue behind the snowflake aperture and it looks lovely.

I’ll be posting it for sale later on this evening but have some other stuff to finish off first. Until later then.

PS Hope you’re not badly affected by the rain. We’ve had some road closures locally but no houses have been flooded though there are warnings.

There. I tweaked and finessed the file and am very happy with the end result. The snowflake left behind on the carrier sheet can be used as a topper for other Christmas projects and has a pretty star cut out in the middle.

This is for sale at 3.00 euro and is for the card and the round star frame around the circular aperture only (no envelope).

Payment can be made through Paypal and you will receive the file in your e-mail address within 24 hours of the payment being received.

Snowflake Swing Card (Zipped file with GSD, SVG and DXF file formats)

Snowflake Swing Card SVG, DXF and GSD (€ [price])

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X Form snowflake card

Christmas is coming. Given that the weather is cold, wet and miserable, the prospect of Christmas with its glitter, sparkle and ostentatious glamour is very appealing. So, with no apology for it being September still, here is a Christmas X-form card. The X form is where two pieces slot into one another and form an ‘X’. They are very handy though, as they fold flat for posting!

I made a few not too long ago:

and here:

This one is available as an SVG and GSD for €3.00 (euro). Payment is to be made through Paypal and you will receive your file electronically, via your email, within 24 hours of your payment being received.

x form snowflake (€ [price])

Thank you for looking



Have a happy cup of tea day

Tea, whether it’s for a sheep fellow or regular people, is probably my favourite drink. Fresh, fragrant and refreshing. Full of anti-oxidants (though I read recently that researchers are now undecided as to whether anti-oxidants and their capacity to mop up free radicals is as good for  us as they once thought). Doesn’t make any difference to me; love tea.

Anyway, made a little teapot water colour, added a hand-written sentiment on another scrap of water colour paper and was pleased with the end result.

I also dressed up a pop-up teapot with pretty cut-outs (there are some scallopy cut outs that form a ‘doiley’ around the base of the teapot which hasn’t been very well captured in the picture…) The base mat it is cut from continues the floral theme but becomes the ‘steam’ from the teapot.  Anyhoo, very happy with how it turned out and pleased that the folds are nice and simple so scoring and folding is easy squeezy.

Have a lovely day.


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Now it looks extra special!

There we go. I did a bit on this last night and finished this morning.

Very similar to the round x-form posted yesterday except I wasn’t happy that I hadn’t realised that aligning the butterfly wing tips to the bottom of the circle would have made a more stable structure – would have given the form ‘feet’ . This revised (totally redone actually but like anything, when you’ve done it once you know what to do next time) has welded flowers and butterflies topped with more butterflies as before but is extra special with the flourishy curls and swirls around it.  It folds flat for popping into an envelope for posting so that side of things is covered, too!

I cut this with the Cougar, btw – starting to get a bit more confident with the machine now. Still experimenting with embossing so will show results when I’ve done something worth showing! Anyhoo, going to make a few more of these gorgeous pieces – they look fabulous. And assembly is so easy. Will be selling as soon as I’ve converted from Illustrator into the usual suspects! For now, must dash – got a train to catch.

And here comes the sun, too!


For sale in SVG, GSD and Studio formats at €5.00 euro. Payment is via Paypal which will perform all currency conversion for you. When your payment is received you will be notified by email that the file can be downloaded – simply go to the Singing Tree home page and click on the ‘Files You Have Ordered’ link on the right-hand side.

Please note you will need a Craft Robo, Black Cat Cutter, Silhouette, Wishblade, Cameo, etc to be able to open and use the template.

x-formbutterfly card ornate: SVG, GSD & Studio (€ [price])

Thank you for looking


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