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Shake your booties!

Still absolutely loving these crochet hearts. They make such sweet eye candy and use up those oddments of yarn that could otherwise end up as ratty nests in the bottom of bags stuffed in the back of cupboards.

This one has some dried lavender with a few drops of pure lavender oil to give it some sweet smelling scent with calming properties as well.

The tiny yellow flower is from Attic24 and is called ‘Teeny Tiny Flower’.  The white flower behind it is a variation of the Flax flower pattern that can be found in ‘100 Lace Flowers to Crochet: A Beautiful Collection of Decorative Floral and Leaf Patterns for Thread Crochet’ by Caitlin Sainio.

I put up the link to the heart pattern a couple of posts ago.

I made this one, also with lavender, to pop onto a little wooden coat hanger with the cardi (KNITTED – and I really don’t like knitting and rarely do it but for this pattern, I made an exception).

And, just because I have conquered crocodile stitch and wonder why I found it so mysterious and difficult, another pair of croc booties. These have a few sprinkles of sequins. I have squashed the booties in my hand to text for scratchiness and couldn’t feel them so hopefully, over a pair of socks, these will look sassy and keep some little toes nice and warm.

I shall be in the UK this coming week. I am sure you have a fairly good idea why…

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Baby Bootees

Been busy making some new bootees and made these sweeties with little running rabbits – perfect for the time of year being so close to Easter.

I have the same rabbit theme running (literally, lol) around the top of the box!

The template includes a panel for the aperture (to be cut from acetate or other clear media). I left the acetate out of the box because it makes it  difficult to get a good shot of the bootees inside the box – I always end up with shadows and reflections. A  little tissue paper in the box would set them off beautifully, don’t you think?

They are  little dotes, aren’t they? These are just plain white with a little satin ribbon but could be embellished with pearl beads and other gorgeous things.

A quick close up of the box. The bootees and box are a perfect fit. Not too tight and not too loose. The template includes panel sides, each a couple of mm smaller than each of the four sides. If you make your box from stock that isn’t quite strong enough, you can reinforce them with the panels. This technique offers an economical way of decorating the box with your best paper while using your plainer stock for the box.

Making the bootees isn’t difficult but I have written up step-by-step instructions to ensure first time success and included them as a PDF.

If you’re interested in buying them, they are in my Etsy (Paper Pictures by Ellie Emyn) shop as SVG cutting files.

Thank you for looking.

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Loving Lavender Sachets

This is my latest make, a simple lavender bag with an appliquéd rabbit and a tiny pom-pom tail. The smell of lavender is wafting everywhere! It’s a really pretty smell and has earned a reputation for having a relaxing effect so a lovely home fragrance to have.

These little bags make up quickly with a couple of squares of fabric. The rabbit was drawn in Illustrator, printed out and cut around to make a stencil. I fused some  Wonderweb onto the back of the spotty fabric and drew round the rabbit outline before cutting the rabbit out. The backing sheet was peeled off and the rabbit  ironed right-side-up on the gingham check. I like to stitch around the applique and used a single line of machine stitching to secure it in place and give the appliqué shape a little more definition.

The two squares of gingham were then pinned pretty sides together and the seams around the sides were stitched leaving an opening so that it could be turned the right way out and filled. I popped a loop of ribbon in one corner so it could be hung up. Once stitched, the corners were clipped to make them crisper and sharper when turned out.

I then turned it out, rolled the seams a little between my thumbs and forefingers and gave it a press with the iron. It was filled with cushion filling and a good dose of dried lavender. The  opening was closed using a ladder stitch to make the closure as neat and as invisible as possible. It’s finished off with a pom-pom tail using the smallest Clover pom-pom maker.

There. All done. I think this would be lovely in a little girl’s nursery. Have to make some blue ones for little baby boys now!

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Baby booful bootees keepsake

Helloooo! How are you this wonderful day? We’ve had some really GRIM weather lately. Cold and very, very wet! Just when we thought we could turn the heating off, we had to put it back on again. Still, the sun has broken out today – just – and it’s brightening everything up. It reminds me of a round of ‘I’m sorry I haven’t a clue’ – the Humphrey years and the saying ‘Every shroud has a silver lining’.

This seems to hold true if you ever watch those forensic detective-type programmes. Seems like too many lives are lost by loved ones tripping and stumbling over large life insurance policy documents and setting off guns and such like…Still, enough of that morbid stuff.

Today I am showcasing my latest baby bootees and presentation box, perfect as a keepsake gift to welcome a new baby into a family.

The template includes:
The bootees – lots of pretty cut-out details from flowers to hearts and diamond lattice work
A presentation box with a beautiful frame around the aperture (use acetate here to make a window for the box)
An inner frame to enhance the box base
Side panels with flower borders
A smaller and larger aperture frame for you to choose from (cut in contrasting paper to show the frame off and reinforce the aperture at the same time). They also hide the glue used to stick down the acetate window for the aperture.
A tag for you to write your sentiment

The slideshow will show you the individual elements more clearly:

It’s for sale and costs €11 in SVG format.

Please note, you will need a cutting machine such as a Craft Robo, Silhouette, Cameo, etc to cut the template.

Thank you for looking


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Pretty pram keepsake

Good morning to you all. My little corner of Ireland is a bit grey today but it looks like there’s a hint of sunshine illuminating the clouds here and there. As I look out of the window I can see a bunch of birds, mainly starlings, as big as chickens. I’m surprised they can still fly! They’re scoffing the fat collar from a bacon joint I cooked last night along with some bread. The crows and jackdaws are still regulars along with Jeeves and Wooster the blackbirds, the cheeky girls (song thrushes), some little bobbity birds (sparrows mainly) and a robin that I think I’ll call Bob.

I haven’t had breakfast yet and can hear my tummy rumbling so I’ll get this posted and have something nice. Like I’d have something horrible!! Mad.

Finally got the time to do all the file format conversions and all that jazz! This pretty little pram has a ‘hinged’ hood so that it can be pulled up to keep baby out of the rain or down for baby to see the sunshine. The wheels rotate as well!

It’s not difficult to make as I use the holes for the brads as guides to get all the pieces aligned. The file also includes a set of instructions with lots of photographs of the build stages to make it even easier to put together.

You can dolly it up with pretty embellishments and contrasting papers to cut the body and covers from to set it off to your heart’s delight. The file also includes the box which is nicest when made with an acetate window so the pram can be on display without gathering dust.

The electronic cutting files are for sale at 10.00 euro with payment through Pay Pal (which will handle any currency conversion).

Pay for the files here:

You will receive your file via email as soon as payment is received. Please note you will need a cutting machine such as the Craft Robo, Silhouette, Cameo, etc, any machine that can cut GSD or SVG formats, to use the templates. The design remains my property so you cannot sell or share the template but you can sell the paper model.

Thank you for looking. Have a happy day.

Hel x

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