The Little Princess Cake

The Little Princess Cake

This is a big little cake, not really a contradiction of terms, really! It’s about 6″ high with a diameter of about 4″ so not cup-cakey size. It’s a substantial little cake. It’s a white sponge (no egg yolk in the cake batter)  layered with swiss meringue buttercream flavoured with home-made raspberry pureé, covered in white marzipan and fondant flowers. I worked hard to finish this one this morning. Gracie was pestering to go out then didn’t like it because it was cold and/or raining and wanted back in again. She was not very happy with the weather at all. I would have liked to have worked the petals of the flowers to curl them but a cat circling around meowing and mithering because the weather doesn’t suit them doesn’t make for focus and concentration! Add to that the succession of people coming to the door to get me to switch energy provider, An Poste with Amazon parcels (then the excitement of opening the parcels and not being able to settle for a while), phone calls about delivery of kitchen things and other distractions made it a bit fraught.


This is a top-view  showing the big daisy topped with a Jelly Tot. When did Jelly Tots go domed instead of flat, sugary buttons?! They’re more like the jelly sweets you find in Dolly Mixtures. Harrumph.

As ever, when working with icing sugar everything gets a light dusting so the cleaning up is always a lot of effort. There’s a word that’s just perfect to describe the cloud of icing sugar dust – Floofing! Like a puff or poof and fluff all rolled into one. It’s not a formally invited to take up residence in a dictionary type of word so you can kind of attribute your own meaning to it. To me, it refers to the clouds of icing sugar dust that puff out of the mixing bowl as it gets poured in and whisked about. The Urban Dictionary does have a definition but doesn’t mention clouds at all: instead they use it to describe when a cat lays in a relaxed fashion, on its back and looks fluffy. Meh. When Jess does that, she looks adorable but always reminds me of a pudding!

There are two more of these to decorate but they’re in the freezer. I learned something very useful today – internet randoms being correct in this matter, I hope, that Royal Icing can be frozen for up to a month.Defrost in the fridge and give it a beating and use it as you want (but don’t then re-freeze any left-overs).

I want to make some Nutella, or strictly speaking, Notella.Nutella is made with Palm Oil and I can’t in good conscience buy it for that reason. Plus I want a higher ratio of nuts to the mixture. So I have a recipe and a couple of bags of roasted, chopped hazelnuts ready to blitz to a hazelnut ‘butter’. The, hopefully, lovely result, will be the topping for some Notella cupcakes.

I am trying to get the baking bug out of my system for the next week or so as my kitchen will be dismantled (broken up and smashed about) over the next week in readiness for the new kitchen being fitted the end of next week. The electrician is coming Saturday to hardwire in the connection for the new cooker on the opposite side to where my present cooker is. A plasterer is coming Monday to sort the walls out. The new cooker and full sized dishwasher are being delivered Monday. Means I have to get a big wiggle on and get my crockery and serving dishes and all the crap under the sink, etc, safely packed up and away from the kitchen.

My new cross-backed apron is lovely and new and until the baking starts again, unstained! That won’t last long but I’ll try to keep it good as long as I can. So happy floofing and speak laters!

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