Six Dinner Sid

Six Dinner Sid


This is six-dinner Sid. He’s not feral but we’re not sure if he’s abandoned or not. He turns up frequently, has some fuss,  purrs his head off then eats us out of house and home. It’s hard to not get attached but as we don’t know if he has an owner somewhere so can’t encourage him too much. I have a Mr Snug cat shelter in the garden and we leave a little bowl of food in there most nights along with a couple of blankets so if he is abandoned I like to think he knows there’s a little air bnb he can check into out of the wind and rain. Hope he leaves a good review.


This was him today wanting his dinner watching Mr T opening a tin of tuna for him.


Kitchen work continues. I’m waiting on a range cooker. Should have been delivered over a week ago but it’s a saga now. It’s not a problem in the great scheme of things as there’s painting and tiling to get done but it’s annoying in that we were given a delivery date, nothing arrived and we’ve since had to chase the store who kept promising us they’d call back with an update but never did, told us a load of big, round sweaty dangly things like (QUOTE) “the system says it’s a few days away”, in other words “Computer says ‘No'”, been hung up on twice, told it was in Ireland and should be delivered by the end of the week – LAST week. Contacted again – this time they checked the system and it said the cooker had been delivered. Harrumph. I think we’d have noticed!  They contacted DHL who (eventually) acknowledged that they’d made a mistake  – they’d had two items to deliver to us – dishwasher and a cooker. They delivered the dishwasher but not the cooker and closed the order in error. We’ve now been told that we should hear “by Thursday” when the cooker will be delivered. We shall see what hilarity lies in store next week.


No baking going on until the kitchen is done. It’s in okay shape but the new flooring isn’t fitted for another week and a half and the concrete down at the moment is grim. I did have a play with some modelling paste and have been asked to make a unicorn and rainbow cake. It’s not for another month (surely my cooker will have been delivered by then?! That would make 9 weeks or so since we ordered it) so I’ve plenty of time to check out You Tube for ideas and techniques.



So, with all the stress and mess from the last week or so, there’s always a little time to calm down with some crochet. I made the little cloche hat and applique crochet flowers during the worse of the fitting; sitting serenely in my wooly world with no bothers:












Now to see if I can find episodes 2 and 3 of The Sewing Bee that I somehow Forgot (WTF?!) and didn’t record! Byeee!

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