Lemon and poppyseed cupcakes

Lemon and poppyseed cupcakes

What could be better than having the oven on for a day’s baking session when the temperature outside is -2? I made 24 lovely little lemon and poppyseed cupcakes – froze 12 of them (without any icing on) to use some other time. I’m feeling a bit cakied off since Christmas. I also made a jar of lemon curd which came in useful…


I used an apple corer to remove a little core of the cupcake and squeeze in a nice dollop of lemon curd. Ooh la la!

The icing was a blend of buttercream with mascarpone, teeny tiny shreds of lemon zest (organic, unwaxed) and topped off with a sprinkle of poppy seeds.

We were going round to a friend’s so took round a little box of cakes:

The cake box came from the 99p shop or Dealz… one of those brilliant bargain shops … and it dressed the cakes up a treat.

The lemon curd did make for a bowl of egg whites…. I think that calls for a batch of macarons. I bought some freeze dried blackcurrant powder that I’ve been dying to try in a white chocolate ganache.

I shall return with the results and let you see how they went.

Wrap up warm and keep out of the cold as best you can.

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