It’s all gone pear shaped!

It’s all gone pear shaped!


No happy baking days this week. I don’t have a working kitchen. It’s being fitted tomorrow but there won’t be any mains water until Friday. But did manage one little oven treat! Pear slices



I cut them thinly and added some food dye (made purple, pink and limey-yellow) and baked them on a very low oven to dry them. They become translucent, look like stained glass and are still edible. Perfect for decorating special bakes. When I can use the kitchen again….

My other glimmer of joy was the little run to Ikea where I bought some fabric to make another apron. But not until the electrician has hard -wired the socket for the new cooker and he’s cabling from the loft, down a corner of the sewing room then into the kitchen.

This, too, will pass! Roll on the weekend.

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