Blackcurrant Macarons

Blackcurrant Macarons

If you read the last post, you’ll know I was left with a good quantity of eggs whites after making lemon curd and had decided to make some macarons with them – well, here they are! They are everything you’d want – crisp outer shell, chewy middle and each one has a decent skirt or ‘foot’ as it’s called (the ‘frilly’ edge just below the smooth case).

The blackcurrant ganache was a huge hit! Really delicious, really fruity. I bought freeze dried blackcurrant powder from Amazon. It wasn’t cheap but it promised full-on flavour with as minimal as possible vitamin C destruction. It certainly delivered on the flavour (I have no way or knowing about the Vit C so I’ll believe them unless I develop scurvy).

The almond paste shell was coloured with a concentrated food paste but the ganache was pure blackcurrant powder, double cream and white chocolate.

I was surprised at just how delicious they were. The first flavour hit was the blackcurrant followed by the almond of the macaron. OMG. Too bloody nice. There are times when I think an over-active thyroid could be a blessing….

I made about thirty pairs altogether. Mr Tree has already eaten some of the odd shaped  less formal looking ones. Next door lady would like some (she popped round yesterday and asked what I was making) and Mr T is taking some into work tomorrow so that will help on the damage limitation front if I succumb to temptation….

Little pickers wear big knickers, or so they say…

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