I made this apron a few days ago. It used up the last of some very beloved fabric. It came from HIckey’s a couple of years ago and I made cushion covers and draught excluders with it. I doubt it’s still stocked but will have a look next time I’m in there and keep my fingers tightly crossed. Anyway, the pattern is one I found online, didn’t like the straight straps or length and modded accordingly. In taking the picture, it just would not drape in any aesthetically pleasing way and I had to bother it considerably to just lie across the chair. Think the animals were trying to make a run for it.

The back:


The back crosses over very nicely. No strap pulling round the neck, just an easy slouch on and off. You can see I lined it. I could pretend this was to create a more professional, finished look to the garment. Sadly, no. It was because I couldn’t be arsed to find, make or stitch biased binding around the edges. Really cack-handed with biased binding. The apron was stitched wrong-sides together and bagged, using the top of the bib, then top-stitched all round with a double needle. It was the easy option. I shall wait until the kitchen is done – NEXT FRIDAY – before I give my favourite fabric it’s first outing. Oh my cake stained slippers, I am so excited!

I actually made two aprons and ordered some material from Amazon especially. I was so disappointed. It was a running hare print. I love hares. The picture showed the hares looking fairly small and ditzy. The fabric arrived and I was confronted by demonic looking rabid lagomorphs, like a still from Watership Down, the movie. Still made the f***ing apron even though it was a bit depressing. If only I could receive an empowering banana message, I thought! If only someone would take a Sharpie to a phallic piece of fruit and write me a message of succour! ‘You are sew wonderfu!’ or ‘You are the perfect sewlmate!’. Then, miraculously I was given a sign of wonder:

The Flying Spaghetti Monster appeared to me! In my living room! Cynics would claim the FSM was merely the disjectamenta of recent apron cuttings and their configuration of the Pastafarian deity’s image arbitrary and serendipidous. I say ‘Yahwe’ or ‘Yahboo’ or something like that to those sceptics.

Princess Cakes

Well, off to finish some small cakes. They’re Swedish Princess cakes. Made yesterday using egg whites only in the sponge (more yolks to use up – omelette for tea!).  I made up a small amount of raspberry goo or pureé, as it’s properly known, which was stirred into Swiss meringue buttercream (the tasting and making of this buttercream is responsible for at least 5 of my arse inches – kryptonite!) and used to fill and cover the little cakes.

They’ve been chilling in the fridge overnight and will be covered with a thin layer of white marzipan and decorated with marzipan flowers and royal icing. Well, that’s the plan. Will be back with pictures if all turns out well.

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