Having a ball!

Having a ball!

Here’s the cake I mentioned in the last post. The cake is a Victoria sponge with blackberry/raspberry goo buttercream, thickly crumb-coated with the same buttercream all over then covered with roll out fondant icing dibbled and dabbled with nobbly bobbly royal icing and more fondant flowers than the Chelsea Flower Show.

I cut a slice of the cake from the bottom to give it a stable base and it was light, fluffy and delicious. It wouldn’t give Miss Mary and Paul Hollywood grounds to consign it to the ‘soggy bottom’ category.

We had a slice after tea and just so as you don’t think we’re a pair of gannets, I took some round to my neighbour’s as well!

The buttercream is amazing! It’s fruity and sweet, smooth and silky. Definitely is the nicest buttercream I’ve ever made.


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