Crochet me happy new year!

Crochet me happy new year!

Have you got Christmas all put away? I still have boxes to get up to the loft but other than that, Christmas has left the building. I’m relaxing for a while and getting back to crochet.

I made a couple of bonnets and bootees over the last couple of weekends. I love, love love making the little flowers and embellishments!


Same crochet pattern but a size up.

I was caught by the macaron bug again! I love them little dotes as well!

I have edible gold food paint – think the brand is called ‘Fairy Dust’ – and really enjoy painting ditzy little designs on the smooth shells.

And made a lovely big load of them!

Not all for us; some are little gifts for friends and neighbours.


Maybe a bit late, but Happy New Year!

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