Macarons gussied up for Christmas

Macarons gussied up for Christmas

What do you do when you’re stuck in waiting for Mr Amazon to call round?

Make macarons.

Macarons seem to be divas of the cakey world. Ostensibly simple, deceptively so. They are proper little madams; the dominatrices of the food fetish world. They who must be obeyed demand mindfulness and control at every stage.

I made them once before and ignored their demands. They refused me. They did not gratify my senses in any way. They were bland, flat, soggy, nasty and bad. And they were the compliments.

The time came to try again… I prepared to be enslaved.

First I made them with green-coloured ganache and covered them with sprinkles. I was surprised. They were delicious.

That was all the motivation I needed to make another batch. Inspired and confident, the process was easier second time round.

I satisfied the urge to prettify them further with little gold dots, painted on with a fine paintbrush.

Most satisfying. Better than waiting around with nothing to do. A bit zen.

The chocolate ganache was made with Moser and Roth (Aldi) orange and almond chocolate (food of the Gods) and a bar of their ‘normal’ milk chocolate (still really good chocolate, imho).

They were left in the fridge overnight and bagged up this morning. My neighbour LOVED them. So did we.

The little bags set them off beautifully.

My recipe and method
If you want the piping template as well

Persevere. Be mindful and be careful with every stage and hopefully, you, too, will have a great macaron life.

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