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Blown Away

This column of text looks like its edges have been eroded away or blown off. It was all done in Illustrator. It’s made from a column or shaped text box filled with text. I made a number of Scatter brushes using individual letters. Simply type a letter or two, in the same font and font size, as the column of text then go to Type>Create Outlines. This turns text into editable shapes.

Drag the letter (now an editable shape) onto the Brushes palette. Select Scatter Brush from the options. I left the size pretty much the same but if you want your letters to look as though they have blown far away you might want them to scale smaller, etc.

I kept the scatter and spacing close to the defaults but enough to give the distribution a sufficiently random effect. I set the Rotation to allow a full 360 rotation of each letter.

Create several of these Scatter brushes with different letters.

Finally, I used the paint brush to roughly draw the outline of the main text shape on the right-hand side. Repeat and build up the letter drift as you want.

When you’re pretty much happy with the end result, select Object>Expand Appearance and then Ungroup. Each letter can now be selected if you want to pick off a few stray or unwanted scatterings.

The brushes can be saved for use in other projects and the settings can be edited anytime you want.


Can’t believe it’s September already

Time has really flown this year – just can’t believe it’s September already. I haven’t got my Christmas cake baked either – normally get that done and dusted before August is out.

Luckily, the weather here is still really nice. We had visitors last week and were able to spend time outdoors without gumboots, galoshes and great coats. It was a busy week. We went to Dublin zoo, Glendalough (beautiful) where we had a picnic and a long stroll around the lakes with the Wicklow mountains all around;  a picnic at Brittas Bay having fun with a kite and a paddle in the sea, a day at Newgrange—an ancient monument built during the stone age, plus a bit of  shopping at Whitewater and the Kildare Village Outlet. Busy but fun. I have lots of photos on my phone but haven’t had a chance to download them yet but will over the weekend.

russian piping nozzles

We also tried our hands with Russian icing nozzles. Look on You Tube for how they work and the beautiful results you can get with them.

And look here to see not so perfect results! 🙂 They went down a treat despite looking like eggs aliens hatch out of.

buttercream icing using Russian icing nozzles

Well, visitors going today so the washing machine will be earning its keep for a few hours.

I’ll be pottering around the garden picking at dandelion leaves, gathering up fallen apples and doing a bit of dusting round. We’ll definitely be popping back to Glendalough, maybe this weekend even. Let’s see if the weather holds out!

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