Embroidered cushion

embroidered cushion

While Mr T is painting and grouting and banging and hammering and screwing and fixing and generally being noisy, albeit in a good way, I’m being a lady of leisure sitting in my sewing room making pretty things to please the eye and gussy up the recently decorated rooms. If you read my blog regularly you might recognise the hand embroidery on white linen. I stitched it onto a square of yellow tweed some time ago. Today I added a couple of panels at the back to turn it into an envelope-closure cushion.

I did tackle some of the dandelions in one of my little flower beds and am now pooped. Think I’ll have me a little lie down. It was staying up to watch two episodes of Harlots last night. Last two episodes of this series and I HAD to watch them. Lydia is in Bedlam which gives the blind woman some revenge on her, Amelia and no-longer-a-justice  are back on for wedding bells,  Margaret is en route to America – hopefully hasn’t left England yet…  Lord  Fallon is dead so now neither Lucy or Charlotte have keepers.  Lots of loose ends tied up but still scope for a third series as the main protagonists, Margaret and Lydia, are not dead. They can come back. So, how could I have not watched it to the end?  Gone midnight before I went to sleep so paying the price for it today as I rarely sleep in.

So, yawn, yawn, am off for that lie down now.

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