graphic of garden

Just having a bit of an old moan. There’s still a hosepipe ban and the garden looks parched, despite having had some heavy rain here and there. Mostly there by the look of my garden.

Originally, I created this image as the basis for an infographic to creating a scented garden. Like mine nearly was. I have honeysuckle, lavender, rosemary, sweetpeas.  roses and other scented ladies around the garden, all looking a bit withered and not their scintillating best. Then, heavens above! The rains came down and the gardens sprung to life. On closer inspection, though, a lot of the greenery was leafy and of the the tell-tale serrated leaf edge of the dandelion. They are everywhere. Like a bed of lettuces out the front.

The graphic was created in Illustrator and made use of the symbol sprayer and art brushes.

This is all I have to moan about so I know how good and beautiful my life is and am grateful.Off to tackle the dandelions…. I may be gone some time!

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