Newbridge Yarnbombing

Apart from those designed for less than life-friendly activities, what kind of bombs are there? Bath bombs – yay! Love a bit of fizz and bubble in the bath! Sex bombs… well, you’ve either got it, or you ain’t. Love bombs – they’re cool, too. But what about Yarn bombs? Newbridge has a week of fun for its June festival. The June Fest hosts loads of events, activities and fun – including the brilliantly mad and colourful yarnbombing in Liffey Park. We went along to see the park dressed up to the nines for its annual make over .

Aren’t the sunflowers amazing? I should have taken a recording – when the wind blew they undulated beautifully. I loved these.

I think this was some kind of weird sacrificial offering to the river Gods… lol.

The Swan statue – wearing a crocheted swimming cap in case it fancied a dip in the Liffey.

The only snakes in Ireland, thanks to St Patrick, are crocheted ones. Fancy a game of snakes and ladders anyone?

Buzzy bees.

Probably a DUI. Should have used the cycle path.

A closer look at the Swan statue and a glimpse of the Liffey Arms across the road.


Not far from the Curragh. Looks like this pair lost their way a bit, though.

Pom-poms galore.

More bees! Friendly ones. No stings in their tails.

Tree hugging to lamp post hugging.

A strange monster spider beastie thing! An indigenous species exclusive to Newbridge. I believe it poses no threat to human life forms but is deadly to socks. Or willie warmers. 🙂

More lamp post love.

There were loads more – the park was totally rocking its gladrags! Nice way to spend the morning before following the nature trail round the park.

We weren’t sure if Bad Lippspringe Way mightn’t turn out to be a very bad road, father… so we took the good road home.

Happy Days!

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