Using up fabric stash

My stash of craft cotton and other stuff was getting silly. There were off-cuts and remnants that would never get used so they got bagged up (a big bag) and taken to the Noah’s Ark charity shop in Kildare.

There was still a lot left so I made a quick pincushion. The original pattern for the pincushion had a circular base and top but attaching the sides to circles was too frustrating to be bothered with. I unpicked the circle leaving just the sides with their petals. Then I made a quick octagonal template in Illustrator and fitted the sides to octagonal top and base. The template is perfect. My sewing less so, especially as the petals weren’t proportionate to my new template, but it does its job and looks cute.

Here’s the template for the octagonal pincushion: Octagonal Flower Pincushion PDF

No instructions with the PDF but you can follow the steps below; it’s not complicated.

1. Sew the sides together along their lengths, press seams out then clip so that they curve easily.

2. Sew the petals right sides together two at a time leaving the straight edge open. Clip their curved edges and snip off the tip at the point of the petal.

3. Turn out and press.

4. Pin a petal to the top of each side panel, right side of petal to the right side of the panel, facing down.

5. Line up the seam allowances and stitch each side panel to each side of the octagon top.

6. Do the same with the base but leave an opening to turn the pin cushion right-side out.

7. Stuff then hand stitch (ladder stitch is great for tidy seams) together.

Ta Dah! A new pincushion made from the Octagonal template. So much easier to work with straight edges. It’s much tidier. In fairness, I was trying to re-use the sides and petals from the original template with the new octagonal template and didn’t make a great job of it.

Am very happy with it.

Then I made a few other bits and bobs: a couple of hearts with some left over trim. The house is a sewing case and is – yes, you guessed – inspired by Tilda. It was made a while back on one of my many other stash-busting campaigns but came in handy for these little projects.

A Tilda-inspired hedgehog just waiting for her paws and decorated with left over trim and rick-rack. Sweet.

Time for tea. Bye now!

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