Tilda Doll

The latest Tilda is done and dusted. She was finished off by stuffing the top half of her legs and her body. The wooly stuffing is so much nicer than the cheap polyester cushion form filler I’d been using. Her arms, head and calves were already done so I didn’t unpick or unstuff her but the next one will be completely filled with wooly bits. Her calves definitely have the look of some serious water retention that would demand a course of diuretics IRL.

They pose so prettily.

I have made the dungarees a number of times now and have found a way to avoid having a raw seam around the bib/waistband. It spoiled the finish. I think I have learned enough now so that the next one will be perfect… 🙂 …famous last words…? I think I’ll use a slightly darker main fabric as well – she looks a bit milk-bottle-ish. Don’t want to add D3 deficiency to the pitting oedema, poor woman!

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