Salt Dough Kettle

There was a load of plain flour sitting in the cupboard and I wasn’t sure how long it had been there (the packet had been opened) so thought I’d make some salt dough with it. The recipe is simply 2 cups of flour to 1 of salt. I add a tbs of wallpaper paste as well. Mix with water until it looks like pastry then roll it out and cut it into shapes. I drew the kettle shapes in illustrator, printed them,  stuck them onto cereal-packet cardboard then cut them out to use as templates.

I inserted a short, curved length of wire (shaped some thing like the Greek Omega) to hang it on the wall with and cemented it in place with flour-glue.

If you add surface detail, as I have in my kettle, glue them on with a thickish mixture of flour and water. I used cake decorating bits and bobs to create the flowers and leaves and used a paintbrush to brush on the flour-glue to stick them on with.

The steam from the spout is made from three wires, curled, dipped in the flour-glue and poked into the dough. The same for the thick wire that is poked through the handle and into the kettle. This is the kettle having been left in the oven overnight on its lowest setting.

I’m going to paint it to look like a clock:

but with lots more colour, ie, paint all the kettle.

I have some dough left over so will need to make something else soon or throw it away.

The girls don’t complain about the oven on all night. They love a bit of warmth. Gracie and Jess love their beds in front of the fire. Despite days of mini heatwaves, we still get days of rain and cold and the fire has to go on.

My lovely Jess. She has a real thing about flies. I think the buzzing annoys her. We joke that Jess has caught the ‘flew’. She downs them with a ruddy hard thump of a paw – she’s a ninja, I’m telling ya! One thump and they never fly again.

Flowers are blooming all over. Unfortunately, so are the dandelions. They pop up like hydras. Pull one flower or seed head off and at least two more replace them. The clocks, or seedheads, are so pretty though… I chop them down before they go to seed, if I can. I used to try digging up the roots but you know what that’s like. Taproots down to the centre of the earth…



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