A busy week

Still loving tulips! These look so fresh and clean.

I remade the salt dough wall plaque:

After a long, slow bake it was painted with acrylics. But it would have been much improved with brighter colours. It’s dull. Possibly Fugly, even.  There. I do know. I’ve since added some reds, olives and oranges to my stash so the next ‘masterpiece’ (lol) will be much better. And maybe holly leaves weren’t the best choice for an all-year round ornament. I have a book with some lovely salt dough templates that I think I’ll have a go at, including a mother goose wall plaque which would work well as a kitchen ornament – maybe add a key holder so it could be functional as well.. We shall see. Always got lots of things I want to do and other ideas may shove it to the bottom of my priorities. I like to keep myself occupied and constantly look for inspiration and things to do.

A very cold Sunday justified having the oven on again and the baking bits came out. I love Bundt tins and have a few but my favourite is a mini cottage tin. I have tried, with varying degrees of success, to bake with them and get the cakes out intact. On this occasion I made up a Victorian  chocolate sponge mixture and instead of the usual cake release spray (which I can always taste and find disgusting, btw) I melted some coconut oil, brushed it into the nooks and crannies with a pastry brush then dusted liberally with drinking chocolate powder to coat the molds and was delighted to find each little cake pretty much fell out of the tin. That’s a note to self I shan’t forget.

Even after dusting with some icing sugar, I couldn’t get them picture perfect but they were perfectly formed. I sliced their bottoms off and gave each one a generous layer of chocolate buttercream and enjoyed a couple. There was plenty of mixture left to make up some for cupcake treatment:

Went a bit mad with the edible glitter….. Good cakes, though IMHO… ha ha

Eggshells? Yes. There’s a tutorial I want to have a go at: Fantasy Broken Egg Photo Manipulation by Picture Fun on You Tube. The pic will have to be cleaned up in Photoshop before I carry on to create a fantasy scene. I’m thinking of filling it with flowers and have birds and/or butterflies flying out from within. Inspirational tutorials are such a brilliant ways of picking up new techniques; there’s always something to be learned in the Adobe applications and I like to keeps my skills live.

Found some useful stitch brushes on Vecteezy – I can’t remember what the collection was called but if you search for free Ps stitch brushes on the site you’ll find plenty.

Sunday, in the drizzling rain, I was outside planting some hebes, fuschias and succulents and doing a bit of weeding. Dandelions, like cockroaches, I believe would survive a nuclear attack. They are so hardy, so robust and so stoic in the face of the most brutal of lawn mowings that I believe they will survive anything. Within a few hours of a good number one mow, they were regrouping, stalks up and regrowing. Hard core survivalists! I know that to eradicate them I’d have to dig deep and get their taproots out but, ruddy hell, that would be hard work. The seedheads, or clocks (did you blow them and say one O’ clock, blow – two O’ clock, etc, when you were little? Not totally accurate, were they….?) are charming and pretty. I give them a quick ssssshhtt with hairspray, then cut their stalks and pop them into little glass jars for decoration. They last for ages. Oh so sweet.

Painting and decorating is ongoing. The downstairs is like a tip. Again. But progress is being made and I can see it’s starting to look good. But lots still to do.

I popped out to Sew ‘n’ Sew for some dark tweed to make a new cushion cover for the rocking chair (was looking for a good charcoal colour) but they were out. No matter, they had some really nice light blue/grey wool felt and, even better, at 30% off. Brought it down to just over €20 for a metre. As soon as I saw it, I thought ‘Luna Lapin’:

I’ve had the book a year or so now and still not made her up!

I did finish off a Tilda hare though and gave her a woolen felt suit:

A bead necklace completed the look and she’s Project Fashion Runway.  Smart enough to attend a royal wedding, eh? She’s leaning against my sewing machine and its latest dust cover – I ran that up the other evening using some left over Ikea curtain fabric. I also made up a little curtain to hide some shelves and edged that with red bobbles. They work together in the room. It looks very jolly.

Finally, I bought a clock. I used to have a wooden owl clock in the sewing room. One night there was a crash and Mr T got up to investigate to find the clock had fallen off the wall and broken badly (the Command Strip didn’t perform as staunchly as expected).  It left the wall looking a bit bereft so had a quick look on Amazon and spotted a very happy and fun pendulum clock:

And here it is, in situ, brightening up a dull wall.

Well, that’s me done and that wash load won’t hang itself on the line. Until next posting, have fun everybody.

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