Adobe Fun with CC


The graphic above was created in Animate – I saw a video that used this effect and wanted to have a go myself. I ended up doing mine quite differently but the end result is the same. Check out the inspiration:

I went to the UK last week and hired a car from a place just a little way from Manchester airport. I hired a Mercedes just for the day. Beautiful car. Beautiful alloy wheels.  I drove a relatively short way – about half an hour, stopped. Then a ten minute drive to another place. Then a 10 minute drive to another place. Quiet side roads,  smooth driving. Nothing untoward.

Took the car back a couple of hours later. Again, smooth roads and driving. The guy went out and said there was a scuff on the wheel arch. WTF?! He got a camera and went and took a picture of it. I said I haven’t scraped or scuffed the wheels. He didn’t listen. He got the paperwork together then – he said ‘Oh – you took out zero excess – you have nothing to pay’.  I don’t believe for a second that I did any damage. When I got back to Ireland, I looked them up. Green Motion Car Hire. Well, check them out yourselves – seems they have a pattern of spotting ‘damage’ to cars and charging inflated sums to repair them. So, the moral of this story, my friends, is if you hire a car – pay the extra – take out zero excess insurance and don’t get caught in a devil’s bargain.

Adobe CC

I am upgraded to Adobe CC! The previous version was CS6 and a few years old. The new features across the whole suite is a lot to learn but I’ve been trying my hardest.

The video I’ve posted is a mish-mash of Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Character Animator, Animate and Premiere Pro. It’s a work in progress with a lot still to do (the audio is awful – dunno why that’s so bad) but you get the idea. Stitching all the individual bits and pieces present sits own challenges and am still trying to work out how to include the Animate file (Adobe Fun posted above)  into the video I’ve posted. Hannah is obviously looking and pointing in the wrong direction for the glass ball particle explosion so when I re-do it will reverse the background picture and ball (the picture is taken from Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins – I love the sweet graphics).  There are a ton of things to correct but I’m getting there. It all helps me learn and that’s the objective.


This mountain landscape was a happy little play in Illustrator to get used to the latest interface and icons. It was based closely on this tutorial:–cms-28759

Anyway, nothing much more to tell so until next time, be happy, have fun and always pay for zero excess.


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