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Trentham Gardens

I was recently in the UK and a bunch of us went to Trentham Gardens for the day. The weather was bright and dry but bitterly cold. We had hoped to visit the Monkey Forest but it was closed for the winter. The site is huge and we saw only a very small part of it and would love to go again in the summer and take more of it in. Anyway, we braved the cold and followed one of the garden walks around the lake. There were lots of interesting statues, sculptures and artistic installations to capture the eye. I really enjoyed it. In no particular order I’ll show you some of the unusual and lovely things we met, like the golden hare above.  Isn’t it fabulous?

The lake was covered in swans and ducks – these are just a small bevy amongst a huge colony of them.

Perseus and the Medusa’s head.

Some natural foliage. Look like empty seedheads to me but I’m no botanist. I think they’re very pretty in a wabi sabi kind of way.

There were fairies everywhere!

And wonderful dandelions.

And wonderful dandelions with fairies on!

Despite being well into November, some bright flower faces still looking up at the sun. What are they? Haven’t got a clue but they were so cheery.

Again, I have no clue what this plant is, but aren’t the leaves pretty?

And strange magic mushrooms (not that sort of magic mushroom!).

There were statues of deer running through the trees.

This photo was a little blurred but I posted it to show you the gorgeous green moss on the fallen tree trunk.

Look at the colour of the autumn leaves!

I had to up the exposure enormously to show you this wonderful carved stag beetle. It was far too dark to see otherwise.

Another lovely fairy.

And what about this handsome chap? Isn’t he magnificent?

Strange pods hanging from the trees were among the more unusual of installations!

Another fairy!

Steel fish caught in reeds – amazing.

Look at the marvellous carvings of otters running down the tree trunk. Just awesome.

A fairy on a roof top.

By this time, we’d got half way around the lake and come upon a cafe so we piled in for a good, hot cup of coffee. After that, the cold was really biting and we abandoned the rest of the trail and made for the shopping village, which was also quite lovely.

Great day but for the wind and the cold. Definitely want to go back again and see the rest so roll on next summer.


Photoshop inspiration – USB stick tutorial

I made these USB sticks in Illustrator  – they look pretty sensational. The credit is down to the tutorial I followed: ‘How to draw a USB Flashdrive. The link to it is here: Noupe.

So much amazing talent out there.

When I get a chance, I’ll write up the tutorial to make the glowing orb scene above. If you’re fairly familiar with Illustrator and Photoshop you can probably deconstruct the images and work out the technique. The orb is a simple ellipse with a gradient mesh applied and given a colour around the perimeter (Illustrator ). It was taken into Photoshop, given a dark background and highlighted with a Lens Flare and a few layer effects. There’s not much more to it.

As we get closer to Christmas, I start looking for Christmas Photoshop tutorials. I Google and check the images for something to inspire me and will, if the end result looks worth it, will spend the time and effort to recreate the effect. This is where I am at the moment…. searching and falling down bloody awful wormholes in Pinterest…

I found out recently that there is a way to exclude Pinterest from searches : type in the search term and append with It’s that easy. A pain in the bottom to do it every search but better than losing the will to live in Pinterest. If only people would include their URL or other contact information on images…

The weather is getting damper and chillier. The heating is on regularly and the living room is gorgeously cosy since we had a new fire put in a while ago. Both cats have large fluffy, padded catbeds in front of it and can often be found on their backs, feet up, sprawling across them. We even bought them an advent calendar from Lidl (for cats – filled with little cat treats).

Soup is becoming a staple as the weather gets colder. Made a big pot of chicken and vegetable soup yesterday. Some for tea and some to freeze for another day. The scents and smells of it while stirring with a long spoon (to let the devil come out of the steam)  was mouth watering. It didn’t disappoint. We ate it with chunky wedges of granary bread – my absolute favourite is the low GI bread from Lidl, and that’s what we had.

Today is wetter and colder than yesterday so might have soup again for tea. There’s a nice thought.

Illustrator Tutorials, Tutorials

Create a Gradient ‘Slinky’ effect with Illustrator

The effect above is a simple and quick one to create using Illustrator.

All you need is an ellipse, a gradient and the Transform Effect tool. I don’t have the latest version of Illustrator but know the Transform Effect tool is available in CS6 and earlier. Hopefully, whatever version you’re using, you’ll be able to follow the tutorial and have fun with it.

You can download the free tutorial here:

Create a gradient slinky in Illustrator

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