Fabric find

A few weeks ago I went looking to get more of the rustic watercolour animal print only to find that the Home Focus in Blanchardstown was out of stock. I was disappointed but what can you do? Well, yesterday I went into Dublin and Home Focus Hickeys had some there and another lovely woodland animal print that caught my eye. Made my day.

What about this drain cover? Isn’t it lovely? This is on platform one of Heuston station – had time to take a quick snap before my train pulled off.

Today I will be busy. Am painting a ‘feature’ wall (I think that’s what ‘they’ call it where one wall is a different colour or wallpaper design than the others) and then will be making the sticky toffee apple sponge cake from Kate’s recipe (Great British Bake Off). That will round off the weekend and leave me time for an early bath and bedtime. Have a good weekend.

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