Cut Some Capers, Man!

This time last week I was in the UK having gone to get my annual supply of Hanratty spectacle clamps. It was the last day of my mini break and we went to the all-things-wooly Yarndale fest. There were around 200 stalls and the venue was a sheep auction room in Skipton. Lots of workshops, things to see, try and, of course, buy. Glorious. There was a small herd of sheep being tended along by a farmer and his dog – there’s something a bit sinister about the picture above – a bit ‘Cut some capers, man!’ about it. It w as all in good fun and more in the spirit of king of the sheep rather than the Wicker Man.

There were three sheep, a shepherd and his dog meandering around the milling crowds.

Thankfully we didn’t encounter any cows getting in on the scene with a jealous grudge towards us sheep worshippers.

And to think I had a shower before coming out that morning!

There were some lovely felted fabrics in rich jewel tones.

Bunting everywhere!

The Yarndale shop

A wooly bird tree – after my own heart, here! And speaking of hearts…

I couldn’t see mine though there were a few similar…. The lady at stall was going to look through them but frightened me off by saying she was going to announce that there was somebody there who had sent in a heart… no way! I am not a gregarious person and avoid the limelight and attention as much as possible…. soon backed out of there….

A pair of tweedy owls caught my eye…

Christmassy wooly and felty things

Finger puppets

Big Balls!

And more big balls!

Spinning wheels

Macrame work

Outside wooliness

Sadly, we weren’t able to get to the park to see the Yarnbombing that had gone on! Next time!

And finally, for the guys that makes this event happen…

There was no Sheep Tea for these fellows, though! We all went off to Ilkley afterwards and had us a nice cup of tea in a cafe to round the day off.

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