A papercut F design

Happy Bank Holiday Monday to all in Ireland.

The red design above is one I’ve been working on in Illustrator for a little while. Adding bits, deleting bits, tweaking, smoothing and checking in outline mode. The usual. As ever, I skip the Shapebuilder tool as it gets progressively slower the more it’s used till it becomes a pain and incurs the potential ‘Illustrator program is no longer responding’ threat. The way I add while still being able to keep cut outs (see the tip of the butterfly’s wing in the letter F) is a different method altogether. I wrote a quick Illustrator tutorial to explain it here. It is never as easy as it looks to weld everything together, keep clear definition of the elements and still ensure that the papercut will come away in one piece. Luckily, it cut perfectly, all in one piece as you can see in the top photo. Happy head.

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