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A papercut F design

Happy Bank Holiday Monday to all in Ireland.

The red design above is one I’ve been working on in Illustrator for a little while. Adding bits, deleting bits, tweaking, smoothing and checking in outline mode. The usual. As ever, I skip the Shapebuilder tool as it gets progressively slower the more it’s used till it becomes a pain and incurs the potential ‘Illustrator program is no longer responding’ threat. The way I add while still being able to keep cut outs (see the tip of the butterfly’s wing in the letter F) is a different method altogether. I wrote a quick Illustrator tutorial to explain it here. It is never as easy as it looks to weld everything together, keep clear definition of the elements and still ensure that the papercut will come away in one piece. Luckily, it cut perfectly, all in one piece as you can see in the top photo. Happy head.


C here

Here is the latest design finally all cut out. The paper is 180 gsm, acid-free, cartridge paper from Canson. Luckily everything held together and I didn’t have to re-do it all. I don’t think I’d have had the energy. I’ve been busy most of the weekend with decorating and sanding down furniture in preparation for a coat of paint. I think I might be spray painting an old table then tiling the top to go with the fire surround (This old house). Since that previous photo, the wallpaper has been stripped off and the wall has been painted a soft-sheen eggshell antique cream. It has a magical serene quality to it.

Anyway, nothing left to C here, lol. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.


These are a few of my favourite things

Sometimes life brings veritable happiness to the doorstep. Admittedly, it’s less to do with  serendipity than of being engineered by the placing of orders via Etsy and Amazon… But still, they arrived today. Two happy house calls.

First was this  crochet hook. It came all the way from the Ukraine from LETTOworkshop (see Etsy for more information). It’s a thing of beauty.

Here’s a close up so you can see the grain of the wood and the lovely smooth finish. I will be sitting down with a cup of tea and some crochet soonish and am looking forward to using it.

The second delivery was for baking.

A Bundt duet baking pan. Aren’t the little houses just dote? Very cute. And I have just the right ginger cake recipe for them. So, tie me up with apron strings and light the oven! No soup for you, today!


Baking, Chat


A recipe for you!

Lebkuchen is a traditional German Christmas treat and is like gingerbread but softer. This is my favourite recipe after trying several last year when I was inspired by the gorgeous displays of Lebkuchen in Betty’s window display in Ilkley (Merry Christmas 2016). My attempt to create something similar was pretty dismal but I cut corners all over the shop and am not surprised. This year I’ll take care and make a decent job of it.

I gussied up the recipe with some gold foiling effect in Photoshop – I posted the instructions on how to do this here: Create a quick gold foil overlay in Photoshop. I’m getting into the Christmas spirit already!

Enjoy the Lebkuchen. I know I will.