Nearly there

Busy this weekend. Gave the kitchen a deep clean – mainly because I’d bought a  steamer   and just love the cleaning power of steam.   I took the inner glass panels out of the cooker and steamed behind them and used the Dr Power eraser scrubs to rub away really resistant burned fat spots. And the knobs and buttons on the cooker, washing machine and dish washer are gleaming.

I made cakes – peanut butter cupcakes with salted caramel butter cream topping.

This morning I coloured my hair – not a natural blonde – and it’s turned out perfectly.

Two washloads are on the line blowing in the sunshine which makes me very happy. They will smell gorgeous when they come in.

Will be popping to the shops in a bit. Decided I could do with some new jeans.

I tweaked the Freyja design and cut it out (see above) – but still have a couple of fine adjustments to make but am now very, very close to the final design. I need to get it done soon as I’m off to the UK next weekend and delivering the papercut while I’m over.

Am very excited to go. Both my boys and their partners will be there on the Saturday! Love them all! So hopefully, good food, lots of chat and laughter. It does the heart good to see them healthy and happy.

And I’m off to Yarndale on the Sunday! Ooh – have remortgaged the house so I can indulge myself there. Spend money like a drunken sailor! I have been looking at some beautiful hand dyed blends of camel and silk yarn on Etsy – and saw the business is based in Lancashire so I’m betting she will definitely be there! I’ll be able to squidge the fat balls of yarn and drink in the colours and the atmosphere…  Glorious.

When I get back from the shops am going to run myself up a quick Japanese Knot Bag so I can crochet en route. Will be perfect while on the ferry and train.

So, like I said, busy but in a good way.

Have a good weekend, yourself.

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