My heart will go on

To Yarndale. This is the heart I’ve made to go on its way to Skipton to help raise money for Mind at the Yarndale event. I have to coat the back with a solution of PVA to stiffen it as it will (hopefully) become part of a beautiful chain of crochet heart bunting. The link? Here you go: Crochet heart with daisy centre

Here is my gorgeous gal, Jess. Her eyes are open just a fraction, just peeping, but she’s really chilled out and totally relaxed. Gracie was probably out on Neighbourhood Catch patrol. That said, she’s becoming much more of a home body than she used to be. Settling down a bit, I think.

Am so adoring my new monitor. It has built in speakers so I can remove the ones at the back. It’s like having a telly on the desk! It’s a 32″ and just fabulous for working with big apps like Photoshop, Illustrator or even Framemaker – those apps with loads of pallettes that can clutter up the workspace. So spoiled. You can see what my interest is here!

Had some happy luck lately – found a euro on the station platform Thursday evening and another one Friday morning! My car insurance dropped enormously! I was a named driver on Mr Bird’s policy until a year ago and you know how these car insurers don’t/won’t credit you for no claims… cost a fortune to insure me as the primary driver on my car. Well, it was up for renewal and – my giddy aunt – the cost came down by €1,500 euro!!!!! And last, but not least – Little Chick 1 passed the third of five exams he needs to qualify for a promotion at work!  I was over the moon for him! So proud!

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